Thursday, June 25, 2009

Texas: Day One

We're here!

The flight was wonderful, or at least as wonderful as flights in these sort of circumstances can be. Connor behaved himself beautifully, though we did have one point just before take-off where he got really excited because he knew that Daddy had flown on an airplane too and so he thought we were going to see him when we got off the plane. I was telling him about all of the people that we were going to see when we landed, and he kept saying "No, Daddy! Daddy!" I had to explain to him that no, we weren't flying to see Daddy, because Daddy was in Afghanistan and not Texas. He got kind of upset. That was a whole lot of fun.

Anyway, more encouraging news about my grandfather-- his stroke affected a fairly small area; a portion of the cerebellum and a tiny bit of the medulla oblongata. This means that there's a good chance his cognitive function has been pretty much unaffected. He'll probably have difficulty with things like swallowing, speaking (his speech may be slurred) balance and coordination, but these are all things that can be worked on. The doctors seem pretty optimistic that he'll continue to recover in the weeks to come. I got a chance to see him briefly this afternoon; he's still pretty heavily sedated so he wasn't really communicating, but I thought he looked pretty good.

Thanks, everyone, for the encouraging words.


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