Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Which All Is Not Sweetness And Light Around Here

Poor Connor.  This morning when Jeremy left the house, Connor burst into tears and cried so hard he threw up.  He threw up again in the car all over his jacket and his hearing aids and then had a total, sobbing meltdown today at school-- an unheard of occurence.  He's really anxious right now.  I'm sure today's continued packing didn't help any, despite our reassurances that Jeremy wasn't leaving and we were packing because we're all moving to the new house together.  We'll just keep repeating the message and hoping that eventually it will sink in and he'll relax a little bit. 

Guess who else isn't happy? 

That's right.  The cats are freaking out.  Loki reacts to all the changes by becoming super affectionate and extremely enthusiastic about everything-- following me from room to room and bouncing around my ankles while I'm attempting to move things.  Packing is kind of hazardous while he's around because not only does he want to jump in every box, but he also tends to ram his head against the back of my legs right as I am lifting something.  Usually something fragile.

Cricket, on the other hand, is not reacting by being enthusiastically affectionate.  She's reacting by becoming extremely crabby with anyone and everyone.  She growls at Loki.  She growls at the cars driving by outside the window.  She growls at the boxes.  She's been spending a whole lot of time up in the cat tower in the corner of the room where she can see everything, because then there's no chance that Loki or one of the evil cars or boxes could sneak up on her.  She's also shedding like crazy all over everything. 

Of course Loki has been repeatedly attempting to administer his own brand of affectionate reassurance to Cricket.  Here he is trying to get her to let him cuddle, which ended tragically shortly after I took the picture.  This has provided our entertainment while we are taking breaks from packing.

So basically we've got Eeyore, Tigger, and what quite possibly might be the Heffalump all living in our household right now, and this apartment isn't nearly the size of the Hundred Acre Wood. 

Can't wait until we're settled!



leah said...

I hope Connor settles in shortly after the move.. and I hope Cricket settles, too! :-) Our cats hid for DAYS after we moved (having them in the car for five days driving cross-country certainly didn't help their dispositions).

They say moving is one of the most stressful events in life.. it will certainly be nice once everything is unpacked at the new house, you are completely moved in, and everyone can relax and get used to the new surroundings!

GB's Mom said...

Hang in there!

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