Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Which I Jump On The Bandwagon

Well, we're all about solidarity in this house, so my body decided to be sick too as a show of support for the rest of the family.


So basically Jer and I spent the entire day alternating who was watching Connor.  The other person was either in the shower or taking a nap.  We drank copious amounts of limeade and/or hot tea with lemon, and the only time either of us made it to the front door was to pay the pizza guy and collect our dinner.  Connor spent the whole day cycling through his wardrobe and coughing all over everything.  Otherwise he was in pretty good spirits.  He'll probably be on the mend and pretty feisty tomorrow, which by my calculations should be when I'm in my JUST KILL ME AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY stage of the proceedings.  Of course, he'll still be too sick to go to school, preventing me from simply foisting him off on someone else so I can wallow in my own misery for a few hours.  Dang it.

The worst part is that I can't eat chocolate to feel better, because I can't taste anything so it would be a horrible waste of chocolate.  Guess I'll just drink some more limeade.  Limeade is an extremely poor substitute for chocolate.




Kristin said...

Hope you all feel better asap!

One Mom said...

Feel better soon! And don't forget to keep a stash of chocolate on hand for the moment when your tastebuds start working again. :)

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