Monday, February 15, 2010

In Which We Have A Good, If Not Particularly Romantic, Valentine's Day

Everybody is still a little bit under the weather here, but we're definitely on the mend, and we felt well enough to venture out for the first time in several days.  We figured that we shouldn't be horribly contagious anymore, and it was Valentine's Day and all so we felt obligated to go on some sort of date, even if it included a snotty, yelling third wheel. 

We went to the bookstore, of course.  Being cooped up in the house for several days really wiped us out as far as reading material goes, and the library was already closed.  Being all about instant gratification around here, we didn't want to wait until tomorrow to pick up new reading material. 

As an aside, Jeremy is currently multitasking by reading and playing World of Warcraft at the same time. He's talented like that.

Connor did pretty well on the outing, though he still has a pretty nasty hacking cough.  He's in that stage where he's still too sick to have a lot of energy, but well enough that he's horribly bored of being cooped up at home.  So he was pretty happy to be out and about, but by the time we'd grabbed some dinner and found our books he was drooping in his wheelchair.  Poor little guy. 

So we drove back home and tucked Connor into bed, where he crashed in about five minutes.  Today was also the first day in almost a week that he didn't take a three and a half hour nap in the morning (usually he doesn't nap at all) so he was completely wiped.  I'm hoping tomorrow he'll have enough energy to be able to brave the crowds when we venture out for Half Price Chocolate Day.  We're serious about our chocolate.  I hope we can find some good sales!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!



leah said...

A visit to the bookstore sounds like a good plan. Sounds like a good Valentine's Day!

Sadly, our library is closed today (President's Day). I think I'll head out to our tiny bookstore and try to find something interesting...

I hope all of you get completely well soon!!

Anonymous said...

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