Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Which I Take It Easy

Thankfully I think we're over the worst of the dreaded Martian Death Flu here; Connor sounded much better today and his fever is gone, which I'm thankful for.  Hopefully he'll be feeling up to his old self by Monday.

I spent most of the day taking it easy, reading, and watching movies on YouTube.  While it's fairly old, I thought this tongue-in-cheek take on how people interact with those who have disabilities was worth sharing with you all.  Many of you may have already seen it:

You can find the second half of the video also on YouTube, and it's well worth watching. 

All right.  Cop out day is over-- I swear I'll write a decent blog tomorrow.



Elizabeth said...

I haven't seen these videos and they're terrific. I think I will post on my own blog, if you don't mind! And leave it to the British to make something a bit funny and very smart, right?

By the way, you deserve a break, a rest, so no apologies necessary!

Katy said...

Great videos--I hand't seen them before.

I'm with Elizabeth--take as much time as you need---you work hard.

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