Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Which I Am Two Places At Once

What a crazy, crazy day today.

Due to both the extreme difficulty of getting appointments and the fact that I am insane, the guys both ended up having appointments today.  At hospitals on the opposite sides of Seattle.  A half an hour apart from each other.


So I dropped for Jeremy off for his appointment with the orthopedic surgeon a full hour early and then booked it over to Children's for Connor's neurology appointment, which ended up lasting a little over three hours since we needed to draw labs.  They ended up getting Jeremy in for his appointment early, which meant the poor guy had to sit around in the hospital reading, rotating benches every once in a while so it would look like he was there for a legitimate reason.

Both appointments went well; the neurologist adjusted Connor's medication again, and Jeremy's orthopedic surgeon was very encouraged by how Jeremy is recovering.  We had plenty of time to discuss the appointments in the car on the way home because we got stuck in rush hour traffic.  It was unusually quiet in the car otherwise, because Connor was still pouting due to the blood draw.  He basically sat back there sniffing dramatically, asking for his daddy, and shooting me the occasional wounded glare in the rear view mirror for the entire ride home.

We met Joanna at the door and left the still pouty Connor with her while we dashed off to sign class, where I watched our teacher make all sorts of pretty motions with her hands that I'm pretty sure normally I would recognize as, you know, words.  My brain basically decided that it didn't want to participate anymore.  Hopefully the teacher took my glazed expression as a sign of extreme attentiveness.  Oh well.

Good night.



leah said...

Two appointments at the same time makes for a hectic day!

I hope (for Jeremy's sake) that the magazines in the doctors office were plentiful and up-to-date. And not all of the "Woman's World" variety.

J. said...

I love how you describe connor's looks, i can just see them and it makes me giggle - poor little guy, blood draws are no fun.

I shared some sunshine with you, head to my blog for the details.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Connor is so cute - I can just picture his facial expressions! I don't like having blood drawn either - so I really cannot blame him. Hope the med changes keep those seizures under control. So glad Jeremy's appt went well - although after the video the other day - I have no doubt the doc was impressed.

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