Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Which Connor Feels Under The Weather

Okay, I know I just posted pictures of the house, but they put in this gorgeous kitchen faucet today and I had to show it off.  Other newly installed things today include a large portion of the lighting (including that awesome chandelier in the library), the oven, cook top, vent, microwave, utility sink, and the adjustable shower head in our master bath.  So exciting!

And now for something completely different.

I'm sad to say that I think Connor is feeling a bit under the weather.  He had six meltdowns today and it's highly unusual for him to have even one.  He's been having some allergy trouble as of late, but I'm pretty sure that he woke up this morning with a cold on top of that-- he's been doing a lot of coughing and he's definitely irritable.  Unfortunately Jer had all sorts of appointments today, so instead of staying home and taking it easy Connor had to spend a bunch of time in the car.  The only thing that would make him stop crying was listening to his current favorite song: "Rock And Roll" by Eric Hutchinson.  All I can say is that while it is a distinct improvement over "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," it sort of loses its appeal after the thirtieth time you've heard it.  Also it's not exactly kid appropriate, but it kept him quiet so we listened to it anyway.  Not one of my better parenting moments.  Oh well.

So tomorrow he'll be staying home even if he's feeling better; we tend to error on the side of caution there since some of the other kids in his class are also pretty fragile.  I'm not expecting Connor to feel better tomorrow, however-- whenever he gets a cold it tends to linger for a week or two.  He also goes on a hunger strike, which was a lot more worrisome when we didn't have the g-tube.  That little device has been such a blessing.

Jeremy announced this evening that he's feeling a little under the weather as well.  Hopefully I will manage to dodge the bullet on this one; there's nothing more miserable than having to take care of a sick kid while you are also sick.  Except perhaps taking care of a kid who is not sick while you are sick, which is what happens when the kid gets sick first and then gets over it before you do. 

It's a toss-up.



BlessingsfromGod said...

Your house is so lovely!
I'm sorry to hear that Connor is feeling under the weather!
You will all be in my prayers!

leah said...

There you go, flaunting your bookshelves again! I'm still jealous (g). The lighting and faucet are beautiful!

I hope Connor gets over his virus soon. Being sick and taking care of sick kids is tough. I hope you guys get well soon, too!

Julia O'C said...

I laughed out loud over Leah's "flaunting your bookshelves again" comment!!

Oh, Jess - I hope you don't get sick, too! I wish I could tell you to get lots of rest, etc., but I know that's not really possible for you, is it? Responsibilities: You Have Them.

I would like to call you but am unsure when is a good time! Could you email or put something on FB and let me know?

I do hope that Jeremy and Connor get well soon. Your house looks AWESOME!! :)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Loving the pics of the house! So sorry Connor and Jeremy are not feeling well. Hoping you stay strong and germ-free!

Cathy said...

Oh please, not the "Toss-Ups"! That is so much worse than a cold!

I too have bookshelf envy. OK, I have "whole house" envy, but I can't imagine people who deserve it more.

One Mom said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. And that library is *gorgeous*...please post pics once you've moved in. I totally have library envy. :)

Anonymous said...

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