Friday, February 19, 2010

In Which Rowbert Does Not Emerge Victorious From The Battlefield

Today our mobile tactical defense wheelchair van, Rowbert, was involved in his first major skirmish.  It was not, as expected, with his arch nemesis the Oscar Mayer wienermobile but instead with an extremely beat up pickup truck, and unfortunately he didn't exactly come out on top.  The pickup sustained absolutely no damage, but poor Rowbert now has a sizable dent in his rear bumper, which will have to be replaced. 

Pick Up Truck: 1
Rowbert: 0

No one was hurt-- not even the duck we store in our trunk for parking emergencies-- but the duck will have to ration food for a while as there's a small piece of bumper holding the trunk closed.  Otherwise the van held up very well, and there was no other damage, which is what a bumper is for.  As an added bonus we got to test out the tie-down system on both wheelchairs.  Since there are no Connor-or-Jeremy-sized holes in our windshield, I've come to the conclusion that it works pretty well.  Good to know.

Poor Rowbert.  I'll be setting up an appointment with our mechanic to get our beloved van back up to top fighting condition in no time. 


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Mary said...

Boooohisssss. :(
Poor Rowbert.

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