Monday, July 19, 2010

In Which Connor Has Another Great Day

Connor had another great day today-- we did a lot of activities, including a trip to the park, a picnic, a visit to the mall, and some time building block towers, and he sailed through all of it like a champ.  He's been pretty mellow the last few days, which makes me wonder if his new medication is taking the edge off some of his anxiety.  Either that or his tolerance for stimulation has just increased substantially.  It's difficult to know what causes the little guy to act how he does on any given day, but whatever the cause, I'm liking the results!

We didn't make it to the library today to pick up our new activity box, so that's in the cards for tomorrow.  We'll also be headed to the audiologist (finally!) so that Connor can have some new earmolds made.  He's been so long without his hearing aids at this point-- over a month-- that I'm worried about how he'll react when he gets them back.  I guess we'll take that as it comes; hopefully he won't react too badly when it's time to start getting used to them again.  Maybe this new level of tolerance for stimulation will stretch to his hearing, too; we'll just have to see!

And so far so good as far as the seizures go; we haven't seen any breakthrough activity as of yet, which is really encouraging.  Tomorrow is the last day of giving the meds at the entry level; we'll be reducing the Trileptal and upping the Tegretol again on Wednesday.  Hopefully this will go well-- I'm expecting to see some more crabbiness, but with any luck he'll continue to remain seizure free.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!



leah said...

I love hearing such good news! Way to go, Connor! I hope he takes to his hearing aids easily- I wonder if the audie can slowly increase the volume if he's too sensitive to it? We've done that with Nolan in the past.

Pie Maker said...

*fingerscrossed* GO CONNOR!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful things are going so well for Connor right now and hope this trend continues for a long, long time.
Pamela Finley, Duncanville

Julia O'C said...

Hooray for Great Days!! You guys so deserve it.

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