Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Which It Is Way, Way Too Hot

Today's defining quality was that it was hot.  It hit the nineties, which wouldn't make me blink in Texas where everyone had air conditioner, but is an entirely different matter here.  We had record-breaking temperatures today, and there's a hot-weather advisory in effect through Friday evening.

Connor does not do so well in hot weather.  He kind of gets all melty around the edges; he's usually really tired and just wants to snuggle but it's really too hot to do that, so he ends up pretty crabby.  Today was no exception to that rule; he perked up a little bit in occupational therapy today but otherwise spent most of his awake time rejecting all of his toys and miserably drooping over onto my lap.  He took a three hour nap-- and naps in which actual sleep occurs are about as common as unicorns in our household these days-- and was already telling me he was tired when I left him with Jeremy around 6:30 in the evening to go work out. 

I was feeling a bit melty myself by the time I got home; I did step class and yoga, and while there were fans going full blast in the YMCA it was still pretty steamy.  After a quick shower I ended the night at a coffee shop attempting to write some poetry and not having much luck-- the heat seems to have sucked all the motivation out of me.  Oh well.

We have to keep little guy indoors as much as possible in this sort of heat; his temperature regulation issues make this sort of hot weather really dangerous for him because his body doesn't get rid of the heat effectively.  So we'll probably spend a good portion of tomorrow tooling around various department stores, which won't be terribly fun for him but will at least keep him cool!



leah said...

The heat is miserable! My friends in Arizona keep telling me that we're wimpy- I tell them I used to live in the desert, and we had AIR CONDITIONING there. Heat is a whole 'nother ball game when there's no a/c.

I hope things cool down for you soon!

isabelkhan said...

I am from Houston. You mean your house does not have air conditioning? Unbelievable.
The thought makes me sweat.

Julia O'C said...

I love your description of Connor getting "all melty at the edges." Your book will out when? Hmmm?

I agree completely with you and your two other commenters before me: Heat is icky. Air conditioning rocks. Unless you're, you know, the earth.

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