Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Which Jer And I Go On A Date

What a great day we had today!

While Joanna and Connor hung out and Jake worked on the deck, Jeremy and I took off for a date!  First we headed to lunch, which we ate at our favorite Greek place.  Then we walked around for a bit and grabbed some coffee before sauntering over to the movie theater, where we saw Inception.  Awesome movie, by the way-- totally worth seeing.

After that we went home, where we discovered that Jake had almost completed the ramp up to the deck!  I'll take some pictures tomorrow so you all can see; things are really starting to be fleshed out.  Jer and I changed clothes and took off with our bikes in the wheelchair van (which is good for more than just wheelchairs) towards the Interurban Trail, which is a lovely bike ride on mostly flat terrain.  We didn't do the whole trail-- about a twenty mile loop of it-- but that was more than enough, given that it was 88 degrees outside.  I practically bathed in sunblock before we went out; as I will burn in about five minutes in that kind of weather.  All those years of living in Texas did nothing to help build my immunity to sunlight.  Oh well. 

I can at least be satisfied that I am now not the fairest-skinned person in the house anymore; Connor has achieved near-vampire status in his dislike of hot, sunny weather.  Because for some mysterious reason he doesn't sweat (really-- this is not an exaggeration!) and two medications he's taking could potentially make him photosensitive, we generally keep him out of the sun.  He has a tendency to overheat extremely quickly.  Today apparently he spent most of his time in just a diaper, because having clothes on was making him overheat in the house.  I get the impression that Connor would be perfectly happy if we skipped summer all together and went straight into fall.

But Jeremy and I enjoyed ourselves even if it was (for this area anyway) eight billion degrees outside.  When our ride was over we stopped by a fast food place, which we almost never do but were in the mood for today, and instead of the grilled chicken wrap I ordered the place screwed up and brought me a bacon cheeseburger, which I happily ate.  Because my intentions were good, and I didn't actually order the cheeseburger, I'm relatively sure the calories don't count.  That's how calories work, right?

At any rate, it was a yummy ending to a pretty awesome day!



Julia O'C said...

Sounds like a great date! Sean and I had date night on Saturday and saw Inception, too! Best movie I've seen in a while. It's been way too hot here to bike, though.

I also firmly believe that if the god of bacon cheeseburgers gives you a gift, you have no choice but to enjoy it.

Hooray for another seizure-free day!!

Julia said...

How odd -- when I saw the title of your post, I just assumed that your date involved a bookstore at some point, because your dates *always* involve a bookstore at some point, but I guess you changed things up deliberately in order to mess with our minds -- which is an admirable thing to do, by the way. Mess with our minds, I mean. Anyway, sounds like a lovely day, and you really deserved a break after all the seizure-and-med stress of late.

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