Sunday, July 4, 2010

In Which We Have A Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

There were so many fireworks going off around us tonight that it sounded like artillary fire.  It was too late for Connor to stay up and watch them as it gets dark so late here in the summer-- maybe next year.  But he had a great time today anyway; we went to the Freedom Fair in Tacoma and he really enjoyed the airplane show and all of the people watching.  By far the highlight of the day for him, though, was the fact that the fair had a drum circle.  This kid is totally obsessed with percussion instruments.  There were about fifteen people sitting in a circle all drumming together, and I swear he would have watched them all day. 

So we all had a great time!  I'll write a longer blog tomorrow, it being a holiday and all.  Hope everyone had a great one!



leah said...

Happy Independence Day! Connor has excellent taste in music- drum circles are great!

How did he react to fireworks (if he was up late enough to see them)?

Kirsty said...

Jon loves drums too! May I suggest Paul simon's rhythmn of the saints? Especially track one.

J O'C said...

Sounds like a nice holiday! Drum circles *are* pretty amazing. We attempted some [not exactly legal] fireworks here at home. Emmett experienced ONE, climbed me like a tree, grabbed my face and said, "Go bed? Night-night? Go bed?" Maybe next year we should try to find a drum circle.

[I'm blogging again. Want to take bets as so how long this one will last?]

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