Sunday, July 11, 2010

In Which I Get My Birthday Present Way Early

Okay, so I lied.  Pictures tomorrow of the bulletin board-- I forgot to take any before Jeremy and I left on our date.  Whoops.  But in my defense I was excited about the date, because I knew I was probably going to end up with my birthday present from Jeremy a month early.  So sorry about that.

Anyway, we've been doing a lot of cycling on dates recently, but we've had to stick to only one trail-- the one right next to the bicycle rental shop-- because I didn't actually own a bike.  So today we went down to the shop, which sells and repairs bikes in addition to renting them, and I got to walk out with a shiny new bicycle of my very own!  It's a hybrid, and by far the most sophisticated bike I've ever ridden, by which I mean it has actual gears (24 of them!) and everything.  I have yet to get any of the bike gear, other than the helmet and the little pouch that straps onto the bike and holds my repair kit and wallet and whatnot, but I'm sure that will come in time.  Biking has a ton of accessories, it seems, and if we're going to be doing it a lot I'm probably going to want a few of them.  Like some of those crazy bike pants-- you know, the ones with the chamois, or as I like to call it, the bubble butt.  For today I just borrowed some of Jeremy's and went in a regular workout top.

Okay, and just so you know, those bike shorts feel really weird. 

Anyway, we took our bikes down the usual trail today, but we have big plans for hitting other trails in the area on future dates.  I think the next trail we'll probably tackle will be something on Vashon Island-- we've never been there and I've heard it's a good lazy-summer-day sort of place!  Except for all the Giant Hills of Death, of course.  Maybe we'll try something, um, flatter for our next summer day and work up to Vashon.

It's really nice to have an activity that Jeremy and I both enjoy to do on our dates-- other than the usual bookstore and coffee shop thing.  And yes, of course we did that too-- do you even have to ask?  We're tossing around the idea of getting Connor one of those little kid trailers so we can take him with us, but we're a little worried about how we'd keep an eye on him while he's inside-- I have a hard enough time balancing on the bike while I'm looking forward, let alone using one of those helmet rear view mirrors!  So we'll see what we come up with.

In the meantime, Jer and I will enjoy hitting the trails-- just the two of us.  An early "happy birthday" to me!



Anonymous said...

Cycling is great! When you shop for bike shorts, be sure that the chamois extends far enough so that your "sit bones" are actually on the chamois and not the seam or just the lycra. I had to figure this out for myself and was amazed at how much more comfortable the shorts are when the chamois is right.
Love reading about Conner's progress. And I think all of us could learn from your dates, no matter what our family situation is.

Julia said...

Happy early birthday! Enjoy the Giant Hills of Death, whenever you are ready to tackle them. Are you folks following the Tour de France? This weekend was a rough one for my husband, because there were the WC finals, LPGA, Tour, and a Formula 1 race. It was hard to pack it all in, but he managed.

Marc said...

On your familiy biking idea, one carts the carrying device, probably best if Jeremy did that, while the other hangs behind of just off the side of carrying device. Problem solved, and you can put prety much anything you need in there with him.

Julia O'C said...

Oh!!! I wrote about biking, too! If you check it out, you can see a picture of V & E in our trailer - we LOVE ours! I wish we'd bought one years ago. Ours converts to a stroller, but we've never used it as one.

Happy early birthday!! Isn't it great that even as an adult, getting a new bike is so exciting?

Mel said...

Make sure the bike shorts weren't feeling weird because you were wearing underwear...but you knew that, right? ;) Happy birthday! Dang, I wish I'd known - I sold my hybrid a few months ago! We're about the same size; it would have probably fit... ah well.

Rachel said...

How about one of these?

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