Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Which Connor Will Not Sleep

So Connor decided that his new wake up time this morning was going to be 0300.  I was not terribly thrilled with this development, especially since I'd stayed up way too late playing eating chocolate and playing Sims 3 on my computer.  I mean, um, Writing.  Writing A Lot.  About Very Important Things. 


Anyway, so he woke up way too early and then was disgustingly cheerful until around ten or so, when he slumped over in the middle of playing the Worst Keyboard That Ever There Was and had about a three minute seizure.  When he woke up (after I resuscitated him for about a minute and a half) instead of doing his usual get-really-grumpy-and-then-fall-asleep thing, he just asked for More Keyboard.  Because that is the pull that this keyboard has.  I may have to give in and get him a really fancy one like this because he loves it so much, but I'm not sure my eardrums will be able to stand it.

Then he refused to take a nap.  And when I left the house at around 7:00 in the evening to go write at one of our local coffee shops (which I try to do once a week or so) he was lying in bed still going strong, happily shrieking away and probably asking for More Keyboard.  I swear the child has decided that sleep is optional.

Hopefully he won't keep this up, because I have the wedding to go to this weekend and I don't want my relatives mistaking me for a zombie.



Kristin said...

My 6 month old decided to rock out the day at 3am. He was cooing and smimling and just trying to get me notice how adorably cute he was.

All I could think was but I gotta get up in 3 hours and then I don't get to go to bed for 15 more hours.

Sleep totally wasted on little people.

Kristin said...

I think that asking for more keyboard instead of being a grumpy gus is definitely a good post-seizure development. but, of course, I'd rather you all be sans seizure.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe you should buy/rent Connor a keyboard with headphones?

I suggest investing in some earplugs. ;)

Maybe one of the new medicines he's on is making him an insomniac? :/ Or maybe he just wants a zombie mama!!!!! XD

I hope that you get some rest (and more yummy chocolate) soon. And that Connor stops seizing!! :(

--Mia W

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