Saturday, August 21, 2010

In Which We Have A Much Needed Break

No seizures today-- thank goodness for the break!  We all badly needed it. 

Joanna came over to watch Connor today, and so Jeremy and I went out for a bike ride and then spent the rest of the day sitting in a coffee shop reading and sipping on the beverages of our choice.  We're both pretty wiped out; it's been a long week, so we were happy to get out of the house for a little while.  We have a long day of respite care tomorrow as well, and we're both looking forward to it.

And that's all the blog you get tonight.  Sorry.  Connor didn't sleep very well last night, probably due to the fact that he's been taking four hour naps during the day.  Seizures and medication-induced fatigue really screw up one's sleep schedule.  So of course since he didn't sleep, I didn't sleep.  Instead of going for a bike ride I probably should have taken a nap. 

Oh well.  Good night!



Kristin said...

glad to hear it was an uneventful day!

Julia O'C said...

Your faithful readers will survive! I'm just glad that you had a seizure-free day and a little break. :)

Colleen said...

It sounds like you and your hubs got a much needed break. I've been reading your posts lately and I'm praying for Connor to not have as many seizures, especially while on the road.

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