Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Which The House Is Clean But We Miss An Appointment

Today I threw myself into housecleaning, as I've been neglecting it for a number of days and the previous activity I was doing to get my mind off of Connor's medical issues-- looking at children's interior design blogs to figure out how I wanted to do Sylvie's room-- wasn't exactly going to be a good idea anymore.  So I set Connor up with a mobile play area (so I could move it from room to room while I was cleaning), put on a CD of stories from This American Life to listen to, threw on some old clothes and started turning the house inside out.

You know when you get really involved with something after a while you get into a kind of zone and lose all track of time?  Well, I was halfway through mopping the kitchen floor and singing a rousing version of "Rambling Roarin' Willie" at the top of my lungs when the phone rang.  I picked it up, saw it was Connor's occupational therapist calling and suddenly realized that he had therapy at noon and it was now a quarter to one.


So that was not so wonderful, and I felt pretty guilty about it-- especially since Connor's missed a lot of occupational therapy in the past few weeks.  And it's not like I had a good reason this time, like Connor not breathing on me or something.  I'm relatively sure that "I was too busy mopping my kitchen floor and singing rousing versions of Irish drinking songs to check the time or show up to our appointment" would not rank high on a list of great excuses.  I guess everybody drops a ball or two every once in a while, though it doesn't really make me feel any better about it.

But on the up side, my kitchen floors look great. 

Connor had a perfectly fine day health-wise, though he spent a good portion of it pretty bored because I was using the time I would normally be playing with him to clean our bathrooms instead.  So he was kind of ticked about that.  He's definitely feeling about eight hundred times better than he was last week, though, as he was extremely vocal today and he had been slipping into this kind of scary apathy during the worst of the seizures.  He hasn't had one since his dose of Ativan on Tuesday, so that's pretty great!  I'll take a bored, whiny, loud kid over an exhausted, zoned-out, silent kid any day.  I did do a good bit of laundry today, so he perked up for that.  You all know how that kid loves the laundry folding.

As you can see, Cricket helped out with the laundry too.  I had to rewash all of our dishcloths. 

Cats are helpful like that.



Julia O'C said...

I guess if you put a basket of clean, warm laundry down, a cat has no choice but to snuggle in it.

I've missed therapy appointments, too. I think everyone in our position sometimes blows it. But hey, you were doing something productive! It's not like you were belting out Irish drinking songs while *drinking*. In the afternoon. With your child at home. Isn't cleanliness a virtue or something?

I think I'm going to go now and find that video of Connor helping you with the laundry that you posted a while ago!! I loved that video. Hope today is another peaceful, productive [seizure and bad-news free] day!!!!!!!

leah said...

They say cleanliness is next to godliness! Bummer about the missed appointment- I've done that on more than one occasion!

Also, Cricket is impossibly cute. I don't think I could have denied him the dish cloths!

Marc said...

Don`t feel too bad, I was on leave recently when I was sent an e-mail at work for an appointment that would take place later on in my leave. I got back to find I had missed an appointment I never knew about. Now they want to charge me with AWOL for missing said appointment, they army I tell you.

xraevision said...

I had a similar day this week. For the first time EVER, I completely forgot about our appointment with the pediatrician. Luckily, or unluckily as the case may be, we bumped into him in the ER one day earlier while X was in respiratory distress, so he suspected that we weren't coming in and informed his reception who refused to accept my apology for sleeping through the appointment!

Rousing Irish drinking songs for cleaning. I have some old cassette tapes from Ireland and I do have a bathroom to clean. Thanks for the tip.

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