Monday, February 7, 2011

In Which Connor Feels Better And I Recharge My Batteries

Connor had a much better day today, I am happy to report.  He was still running a fever, but it started tapering off as the day progressed and by the evening the Tylenol was keeping his temperature at completely normal-- a sign that we're close to the end of this particular run of fever.  The other indication that he's nearing the end of his convalescence is that he was about 200 times more active and vocal than yesterday and the day before. Those were days in which he appeared to be doing a very good impression of a zombie, only instead of saying "BRAINS!!" he just said "Aaaaahhhh" every once in a while in a sad little voice and then went back to starting off into space. 

He was probably the cutest, most pathetic zombie ever.  People would totally have let him gnaw on them out of pity.

Anyway, so due to the fever the little guy stayed home from school but Joanna, our respite care worker, came over around noon and I went off for a much needed break.  I hit the library (of course) and Adamo's Cafe for a chocolate milkshake. 

Sometimes I don't realize just how much I need to recharge my batteries with some alone time until I get the chance to actually go out and spend a couple of hours by myself.  Don't get me wrong-- I absolutely love spending time with Connor and my date nights with Jeremy too-- but I also need the opportunity to just sit by myself and be every once in a while.  Luckily we get enough respite care to split our time up without cutting back on date nights, and also Jeremy is very understanding about my craving for alone time; he's the type of person who needs it too. 

At any rate it was a lovely day, and just the thing I needed to get me refocused, refreshed and able to go cheerfully back to work after a hard week!



krlr said...

So glad the little one is feeling better - nomable zombie cuteness aside. And you're right, a chocolate shake can make almost any week better.

Julia said...

So glad to hear it. And he can gnaw on me anyday. Maybe that's why he chews on his socks -- if he can't have flesh, he'll go for fabric that's been in close proximity to it. I'd *love* a chocolate shake, but I'm trying to shift a few extra pounds from the holidays. Sigh. Where's that pathetic little tub of yogurt?

Julia O'C said...

In "The Walking Dead" novels, none of the (VERY VERY scary) zombies go around shouting, "BRAAAINS!!" I think that Connor instinctively knows these things because Connor is awesome.

I hear you on the alone-time thing (o' do I hear you). Four days alone with Things I II (with no breaks at all) have left me feeling rather tense. Hope you found some good books!!

Julia O'C said...

That's "Things I AND II"


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