Friday, February 4, 2011

In Which Connor Is Sick Again

Connor's sick again.

Seriously, cold season is Not Fun for us at all.  The kiddo is (of course) running a fever, and (of course) the first indication we had that anything was out of the ordinary was when he started having seizures.  The poor kid has only been healthy for about a week!  He just can't seem to catch a break this season.

I swear I need to build this kid a bubble.  I'd try to construct something, but all I've got to work with is saran wrap and masking tape, and I don't think it would be particularly effective. 

So we're going to at least try to keep the seizures down so that his body will be stronger and able to recover faster.  We'll be using Ativan up to twice every twelve hour period as long as he is still running a fever.  It's a fine line to walk; we don't want to give him too much and get his body used to it so it becomes ineffective, but we don't want for him to go too long without taking it and end up starting up the seizures again.  Hopefully we'll be able to find just the right dosage to keep the seizures at bay without lessening the impact of the drug.

It's frustrating in more than ways than one; not only does Connor go through a lot physically, but he also misses out on school and therapy because we can't send him while he's sick.  Many of the children Connor spends time around in those environments are fragile or have immune system deficiencies, and the last thing we want to do is make one of those children ill.  Still, I worry that Connor's missing out on too much; lately it's seemed like he's spending more time out of school than in it.  There's not a whole lot I can do about it other than to try and keep him as healthy as possible and help him recover when he does get sick.  Oh well.

Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon!


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Julia said...

Yikes! What a season you're having. Well, here's to a quick recovery without any more seizures.

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