Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Which I Didn't Blog Because I Was Really Tired But There Are No Emergencies Or Anything And Also The Bout Was Awesome

Don't worry!

No one has died, no one is in the hospital, I did not break all my arms and legs at the bout (which I wasn't skating in anyway) and there have been no major disasters.  I just got home at one thirty in the morning last night.  And as much as I love all of you, it's probably for the best that I did not blog because I'm incapable of coming up with coherent sentences that late at night-- let alone spell things correctly.  My blog would have read something like: "Bout was gud.  I tiered tyered sleepy.  The end."  I am not really a late-night sort of person.

Of course Connor had insomnia (Ativan, how I love thee!) and stayed up until three or so in the morning, so I probably could have blogged anyway.  But it wouldn't have been pretty.

The bout was amazing, by the way.  It sold out, which was pretty awesome.  I'm not sure just yet how many people were there, but we were actually having to turn people away at the door-- it was that crowded!  The bout was extremely close, but in the end my team pulled it off by one point.  Talk about a nail biter!  The bout just before ours (it was a doubleheader) also ended up being a neck-and-neck game, so I think the crowd got a really good show.  I need to start making Connor a little vampire outfit so he can cheer for me on the sidelines if he goes to the next one (he stayed home with our respite care worker).  Anyone know how to make one of those Dracula style capes?  I bet he'd love to chew on the collar.

The little guy is still seizing, I'm sad to say.  He's not able to stay off of the Ativan for more than a day before he starts having seizures again and we have to put him back on it, which needless to say is not good.  The Ativan is probably the only thing keeping us out of the hospital right now.  We still haven't heard back from our neurologist, so needless to say I'll be calling the nurse line tomorrow.  Again.  Hopefully we'll have a game plan soon, because I'd like my kid to sleep every once in a while!  Oh, and also quit having so many seizures.  That would be good.

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Diane J Standiford said...

Yes, sleep is good. You have plenty of reasons not to blog just now.

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