Saturday, February 5, 2011

In Which Connor Is Still Sick

The medication seems to be working out well for Connor, which is a very good thing!  He hasn't had any more seizures today, though he was running a low-grade fever even on the Tylenol.

Honestly the last few times he's gotten sick he hasn't really had any symptoms other than the fever and a general lethargy.  There's been no real signs of congestion and he hasn't been coughing at all.  It makes me wonder if this isn't illness and is in fact a manifestation of his body temperature regulation issues.  After all, he didn't start doing the weird thing where one half of his body is cold and the other half is hot until he was around three years old, so maybe it's evolving again.  This would not be a wonderful development, as I'm not sure there's anything that can be done about this sort of thing other than what we're already doing.  I'm also not sure what we'll need to do about his school and therapies if he keeps running a fever once a week or so-- short of taking him in to get a white blood cell count done every time I'm not sure how we'd know if he's in fact sick or if he's just having another regulatory issue.  It's a problem, and I'm not seeing an easy solution.

I think I'll need to take the issue to his doctors and see what they have to say.

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Julia O'C said...

While I'm happy that you seem to found a way to keep the seizures at bay when he has a fever, the whole body-temperature regulation is very worrisome. I hope his doctors can help. Thinking about you guys...

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