Monday, February 21, 2011

In Which Connor Has A Great Time With His Daddy

So apparently the boys had a nice, relaxing time while I was gone.  I don't think they even left the house except for a quick grocery run-- pretty sure they spent a good portion of the weekend with Connor snuggled up to Jer while he played World of Warcraft.  I'm not entirely sure Connor even noticed I was missing because he was so thrilled with all the time he got to spend with his daddy.  Guess who the favorite parent is around here?  I'll give you a hint-- it's not me.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that it's always Mommy who takes him to all of those appointments where they give him shots and draw blood and whatnot.  Mommies are bad about that kind of thing.

Connor did have a seizure Sunday and then another one today, so he's back on the Ativan.  I'm hoping we'll hear from the neurologist tomorrow about what exactly the game plan is going to be.  The little guy was in pretty good spirits today, but it was obvious the seizures are starting to take their toll on his body and he got exhausted in play pretty quickly.  I don't like the fact that these waves of seizures seem to be getting closer and closer together.  Obviously something needs to change.

Jeremy had the day off today so we got the chance to spend some quality time together, which was lovely.  Between his work schedule and my roller derby practices we're not seeing a whole lot of each other right now, so it was pretty nice to have a good chunk of quality time to spend with him.  And of course I had to spend some time making sure that Connor hadn't completely forgotten about me or anything, so he and I spent a few quality hours playing all sorts of fun games, like Superman and that one where you lift your kid way up over your head.  I'm pretty sure every parent plays that game.  It was one heck of an arm workout for me, but Connor loved it and we played it for quite a while.  Then he asked to go back to his daddy.




Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

There is just something about Dads! My daughter lights up like a Christmas tree when her Dad is around. Sorry to hear about the seizures! Hoping the docs have some good ideas for a game plan.

Anonymous said...

Your Blog is rich and full of life. I enjoy reading about your daily joys. Although I am sorry to hear about your son's recent seizeurs. You are his greatest support. I am sure this Blog is a great encouragment to new parents that are going through similar day to day struggles and concern for their children.

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