Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Which I Have A Crazy Week And Play Hooky

I was supposed to go to my first Thai lesson today, but I slept through my alarm.  This is probably not a good start in learning the language on my part.

In my defense, this has been a really hectic week.  Multiple relatives (including Connor, of course) decided to be sick or have medical emergencies all at the same time.  I stayed up way past my bedtime on Friday because of our roller derby promotion (which was absolutely a blast, so I probably shouldn't be complaining about it), getting back to the house about about two in the morning.  Connor-induced insomnia-- if he's not sleeping, I'm not sleeping-- kept me up nearly as late on Saturday.  And on top of that I was cohosting a baby shower at my house today.  A house, I might add, that did not begin the week clean by any stretch of the imagination. 

The baby shower was fun.  But I'm seriously tired now.

So I'm sitting here with a big cup of hot cocoa and a book, and I'm going to bed early for once.  Connor fell asleep at 6:30 this evening-- a hour before his bedtime-- so I don't have to worry about him being up until two in the morning again.  He's still running a fever and spent most of the day cuddling with Jer, who holed up with him in the back room when the hoards of present-toting women descended upon our house.  The shower was quite a lot of fun for me, but I don't think squealing over baby clothes is quite my husband's thing. 

Jer got cheesecake out of the deal, though, so I think he was okay with that.  And Connor is never a big fan of crowds even when he's feeling great, so he was pretty okay with it too.

Anyway, hopefully this next week will be a little more laid back.  We'll just have to see!


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