Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Which Connor Has A New Obsession

Connor and I spent a good two hours or so today playing with his latest obsession.

Every once in a while the kid fixates on an activity and that's all he wants to do for days on end.  Usually this happens to be a very loud, repetitive, annoying activity.  In this case I don't mind too much because this particular loud, repetitive and annoying activity involves grasping an object-- something that is very difficult for the little guy to do.  So at least he's building some good life skills while he's torturing my eardrums.

He's currently fascinated with the old stand-by: the mixing bowl and the wooden spoon.

Not only will Connor actually hold the spoon, which is an event in itself, but he'll actually reach out and try to grab the spoon-- something that's pretty much never happened with any other toy.  I usually set him up in the kitchen with this combination while I'm cooking, so it's a toy he's familiar with.  In the past he normally just knocks the spoon and the bowl onto the floor or refuses to touch either one.  Now that he's settled on drumming on the back of the bowl as his latest obsession, he actually gets mad when he drops the spoon on the floor and anxiously asks for it back!  Trust me when I say that the odds of my child voluntarily asking for something he knows I'm going to make him hold in his hand are about the equivalent of the odds of Chuck Norris announcing he's a conscientious objector.  So needless to say I was a wee bit surprised when Connor started begging for more drumming time.  

So now in my house the air is constantly filled with the sound of extremely loud, metallic clanging mingled with Connor's gurgling laugh.  The cats are not nearly as enamored with the drumming as the little guy is; they've been hiding under the bed most of the day.  We'll see how long this particular obsession lasts-- I'm hoping it will be a while.  I'd like the little guy to get the practice in, and honestly the drumming is much less annoying than most of his battery-powered toys anyway. 

And heck, Connor's got a pretty good sense of rhythm.  Maybe I have a percussionist on my hands!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Why do kids always like the loud and obnoxious toys? They are just born with the innate ability to make their parents crazy with stuff like that. So exciting to hear about Connor holding hte spoon and grabbing for it too. If Emily did that I would be doing cartwheels - If i could do cartwheels. I would love to see pics of the adorable drummer (or even video). : )

Lin said...

Isn't it nice when Connor just does something gloriously "normal"? :) Oh, what we take for granted, eh?

Get Excited! said...

This mixing bowl story is really funny because my friend just told me a story in which her son had a fascination with their families mixing bowl and spoon and has since received an electronic drum set from Santa Clause...they have some regrets :)

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