Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Which Connor Gets A Samson Haircut

So once again it was time for Connor to get a haircut, and thus instantly grow about three inches taller and age approximately 278 years. 

My child, for those of you who don't know, is kind of like the biblical Samson except instead of storing all of his strength in his hair he stores all of his babyhood.  Whenever you chop off his hair, all of that babyhood leaks out and he instantly turns into a much older boy.  Then I spend the rest of the day looking for a brick of the appropriate size to tie to his head so he'll slow down and stay my little boy a while longer-- preferably forever. 

Can you believe he'll be five in April?  I wouldn't believe it myself except we cut his hair today and so now he looks like he's at least two hundred and ten. 

He might have inherited this trait from me, because any time Connor gets a haircut I feel about ten years older too.  This is because I spend the entire haircut watching whichever poor stylist we've tricked into trying this time narrowly miss chopping off my son's ears on at least six or seven occasions.  Connor sits in my lap and the poor woman (or this time, man) has to dance around us, trying to cut the little guy's hair as evenly as possibly while Connor whips his head back and forth until I am forced to put my son in a headlock to prevent stab wounds. 

Luckily Connor thinks headlocks are funny.

Jeremy always offers to get the clippers and simply buzz all the little guy's hair off, but I don't want to do that because Connor has gorgeous hair-- the kind of natural platinum blond that many, many girls would probably kill somebody for.  Also thanks to his soft spots closing early he has kind of a wonky shaped head.  So I always tell Jer know and take him to a professional instead. 

Given the challenge we present I am always amazed at just how well Connor's haircuts turn out, and also by the fact that no one is bleeding at the end of them.  We give the poor hair stylist a big tip-- trust me when I say that they've earned it. 

I have absolutely no idea what we're going to do once Connor is too big to sit on my lap, but I guess we'll figure that out later!  Hopefully that's a few years (and hair cuts) away.



Kristin said...

I can not believe how big Connor is getting! I'm starting to not believe he's growth restricted :) Good for you that you've found a salon that tries to do a good job. I've resorted to cutting Josh's hair myself. same end result, no money spent.

Jess said...

Well if he were three and a half instead of almost five he'd be right on track! Otherwise he's um, on the growth chart now, which is pretty good for him. On the bottom line of the growth chart.

Oh well.

There is NO WAY that I would try to cut Connor's hair myself. There would be bleeding, and possibly eyes missing. Connor does this awesome thing where he lurches to one side or the other unexpectedly. It would not be pretty.

Julia O'C said...

The person who cut his hair did an excellent job! What a handsome boy - the pictures made me squee!

As for hiring a professional to cut the little guy's hair - I'm right there with you on that one. Once I tried to "trim" E's bangs (on the first day of school no less) and they were not only crooked, they were waaaay too short on one side. It took FOUR MONTHS to grow out.

We've gone to a barber ever since.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Wow, he does look so much older! That is a great haircut though. He looks so handsome.

I am with you on going to a professional. I did cut Emily's bangs once and that was NOT fun. She keeps trying to look up at you (when you are behind her, mind you). She then lunges forward and repeats both movements again and again. I was pretty impressed that they were actually even, but in no rush to attempt that again.

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