Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Which Connor Watches Some Derby And I Reevaluate My Snack Choices

Connor has an appointment with the neuromuscular division of the developmental clinic on Friday.  He has one of these appointments a year, and we alternate between the neurodevelopmental and the neuromuscular clinics.  During the clinic Connor sees a combination of doctors and therapists, and it usually takes about four hours from start to finish.  It's good for us because it gives us an overarching picture of where Connor is developmentally and what we need to focus on in the future.

It also, however, means that Connor will miss school on Friday.  Since he doesn't have school on Wednesdays, this will bring the total number of days he's been in school this week to one.  That just happens to be the Not a great track record.  I sincerely hope the little guy shapes up next week, because he's been missing a lot of school. 

Jer wasn't able to watch the little guy tonight as he usually does during my roller derby practice, so I brought Connor with me and a couple of the ladies with different practice times were gracious enough to watch him while I skated.  Other than a very short seizure at the beginning of the evening Connor was as good as gold; I think he enjoyed watching the skaters and also having someone's undivided attention.  I had a good practice other than the fact that I managed to fall and split the inside of my lip open again.  This one wasn't bad at all-- it stopped bleeding after just a couple of minutes and it wasn't completely through my lip like the last time I fell, even though I smacked my mouth just as hard on the ground.  The swelling is all on the inside, so I don't have to walk around looking like I've gotten into a fight with someone for a couple of days like last time either.  I am seriously thankful for my mouth guard, though, because given the fact that I cut my lip with the thing on if I'd been remiss in wearing it I suspect I'd be missing teeth.

And I'd like my teeth to remain in my mouth, thank you very much.

At any rate we're home now and I'm rethinking what I'm going to have for my after-derby snack.  I was planning on having chips and salsa, but since they're salted chips and the salsa has hot sauce in it that might not be a particularly smart idea right now.  Ow.  I always come home from derby starving, even if I've eaten a huge dinner.  So I've started stashing little quick and easy to make things in the pantry for after derby practice; either that or I'll eat half my dinner before derby and the other half afterwards.  I think maybe it's the major adrenaline rushes associated with the sport that cause me to have such an appetite, because I've done various forms of exercise for years and it's never had this sort of effect on me. 

Who knows?  At any rate, I'm off to the fridge.  Maybe I can find some ice cream-- it would be therapeutic for the swelling.  That means I get to eat twice as much of it, right?


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Julia O'C said...

You are many (wonderful) things, but now I'm going to add "bad-a$$" to your list of titles.

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