Monday, September 3, 2012

In Which Connor Is A Dashing Rogue

Today Connor and I went thrift store shopping, which was both a bad and a good thing.

It was a bad thing because I didn't take into account that all of the thrift stores were having huge labor day sales.  This meant that the lines for the checkout were fifteen people deep, you had to take a number to use the fitting room, and getting the little guy's wheelchair through the already narrow aisles was a nightmare.

On the up side, I found him a top hat.  And Connor in a top hat has to be one of the best things I have ever seen.  Not only is he thrilled about his new stylish headgear (really-- who would have imagined Connor would like a hat?) but for some reason whenever I put it on him he immediately puts his hands together and starts twiddling his thumbs in what we call his "plotting world domination" posture.  He looks like a ridiculously adorable Victorian villain. 

It's a little big for him and has a tendency to slide down over one eye in an adorable manner, but that's an easy fix with a quick application around the inside of the brim of that foam tape you can find at craft stores.  I'll also be giving it a nicer trim to make it a bit nicer, since at the moment it's obviously a Very Cheap Hat. 

After that, all I will need is to find him a miniature waxed mustache and he nations will have no choice but to give way before his unstoppable power of cuteness.  We got the hat for Halloween and Steamcon, but if Connor wants to wear it on other occasions I will have zero objections to that.  Heck, I kind of want to get a matching one.  Then we could really go out on the town in style.

For that matter, the world at large would probably be much improved if there were more top hats worn by the general population. 

Top hats for everyone!



Julia O'C said...

I know he wouldn't wear a monocle, but maybe you could draw one on him? He looks adorable!!!

Clara said...

He looks absolutely adorable! Would it be possible to vote for Connor for president, of the world...maybe??

Jane said...

Love the hat. He looks adorable.

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