Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In Which Connor Seems Over The Hump

Connor and I both started out the morning in less than stellar moods.  The little guy stayed home from school today and slept until nearly ten in the morning-- an impressive feat, considering he went to bed around five.  Then he was Mister Grumpypants once he finally decided to get up.  I didn't bother to get either of us out of pajamas until well after noon.  It was one of those kinds of days.

His fever got up as high as 101 degrees, but it broke around 2:00 in the afternoon and as of this writing hasn't made a reappearance.  His mood improved accordingly, and by the late afternoon he was mostly back to himself-- albeit a slightly droopy, tired version of himself.  Other than the ridiculous amounts of sleep and the seizures, he hasn't really shown any other symptoms.  I'm assuming it was probably some sort of garden-variety bug, and hopefully this means he's over the worst of it. 

By early evening he'd improved enough that we actually ventured out to have a bit of a walk at the nearby park.  I'm still feeling under the weather, and I've found that when I'm feeling lousy it helps to get myself moving as soon as possible.  Exercise seems to help me recover faster, though I don't particularly enjoy it at the time. 

Of course the Himalayan blackberries are at the peak of ripeness right now so I ate my way down the trail, which probably made my walk one of the least effective forms of exercise ever, but hey-- I'm sure fresh ripe blackberries are good for recovery too, right?  And also I'm doing my civic duty; those things are terribly invasive and bad for the local environment, so it's important that I eat as many as possible to prevent them from spreading. 

Anyway, after that we made a quick trip to the grocery store because I was out of just about everything, and then we headed home where Connor proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.  We managed to get through the day with no seizures, which is rather remarkable considering the fever he had the first half of the day.  Still, the continued early bedtime is a pretty good indicator that he still has some recovery to do.  Here's hoping he'll be back to his usual self in no time!


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Anne said...

There's lots of vitamin C in blackberries so eat away!

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