Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Which I Write A Whole Bunch (But Not On This Blog) And Connor Feels Better

Connor is finally starting to get over his cold, so he should be returning to school tomorrow.  I'm still really excited about how quickly and easily he's recovering, and so far I haven't managed to pick it up, though I'll wait a few days before deciding I've dodged the bullet.

This will be a short blog because I've stayed up far too late writing a letter to Ellen for her latest care package.  This letter is taking me quite a bit of time to write because I'm outlining more about what will happen over the first few weeks she's home, and also talking about things like her name.  We love her Thai name and she doesn't have to change it, but if she wants to add an American first or middle name she's welcome to.  We're also giving her the option to keep her current last name as a middle name, too.  Her name is one of the things she was given by her biological parents, and we aren't about to take that away from her. 

There are a ton of issues like that to address, and I want to give her as much of an idea about what to expect as I can.  I'm of the opinion that the more knowledge you have about something, the less scary it is.  So the more information we can give her the better, because adoption is pretty darn terrifying for all parties involved. 

I have the problem that I like to write really, really long letters and then I have to cut them back because the interpreter charges sixteen dollars a page, and this letter is no exception.  Oh well-- better than not having anything to say, I guess.


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