Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Which I Have Too Much Fun With Cardstock And Tape

Connor was sick again today, so other than a quick run to the store we spent our time at home.  So I used the time while he was napping to sit down with a Thai-English dictionary, some cardstock, and clear tape and get to labeling. 

There are a ton of things that are stored in various bottles and tubes around here-- shampoo, sun block, hand lotion, etc. that Ellen will probably want to use when she gets here.  We've got some clear bottles to put shampoo and conditioner into, and I've also picked up some basic toiletries that won't expire until well after she's home.  We're not sure how much English Ellen knows, but it probably won't extend to a lot of that stuff. 

So to help ease her transition while she learns English (and to help me practice my Thai, which is always a good idea) I made up labels in Thai for all of those basic things and taped them onto the bottles.  They aren't the most stylish things in the world as I used plain cardstock and my handwriting (in both languages) isn't the best, but they're at least legible.  So now she won't accidentally use body wash in her hair or something; provided, that is, that I spelled the words correctly and didn't actually label everything in jibberish or use words that are completely wrong.  Knowing me it could definitely happen.

It's just one more little step in the process of getting ready to bring her home!



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Jess said...

Interesting spam I'm getting these days.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I happen to be an American woman, so I'm not sure how a boycott would work, but duly noted nonetheless.

I actually just wanted to compliment you on your Thai handwriting. I've commented on your blog before and mentioned that I'm a linguist. During my college years, I had a professor ASSURE our class that "most of us" could "pick up the Thai script in less than a week." Um, no, not so much. This professor was the out-of-touch genius type, so I have no doubt that his Thai handwriting was impeccable, but I never really got the hang of anything more "exotic" than Cyrillic.

Anyway, I think the labels are a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do for Ellen. I am super excited for you guys!

Portland, OR

Julia O'C said...

The labels are such a great idea, and so thoughtful! I hadn't really considered that part of things - that she might not necessarily be able to recognize certain household products.

Anyway...I guess we can't be friends anymore since we have to boycott each other. I'll miss you! In the meantime, I'm off to financially ruin my husband and look into adopting 10 or so cats.

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