Saturday, September 8, 2012

In Which We See Some Signs

Today Connor and I were stopped at a stoplight and I was signing and talking to him about what we were going to do that day when the car next to me honked.  I looked over and the guy in the passenger seat of the car complimented me on my signing (in sign language, of course)!  I'm always tickled when stuff like that happens, and I'm so glad we live in an area where there's not just a healthy Deaf community, but plenty of people who are not Deaf that can sign too!  It makes me so happy when we meet people in the grocery store or at the park who sign to Connor and make him feel welcome-- even if he usually doesn't sign back. 

Other than a few brief errands, we actually spent most of today at home.  It got pretty hot outside today, and thanks to our new air conditioning we were able to actually stay in our cool, comfortable house rather than having to trek down to the mall.  Connor was in a bit of an odd mood today; I think he was disappointed that he didn't have school.  So he was a bit clingy and pouty, but overall did all right.  He's got another very busy week coming up, so it's nice that he's getting a bit of down time-- even if he'd rather be playing with all of his new friends.



Unknown said...

Is it ever weird that people in another car can kind of eavesdrop on you at a stoplight? I guess you ought to only sign really private conversations out of sight of other people. Other than that observation, neat! ;)

Unknown said...
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Kristin said...

I'm so glad so many of these posts lately have absolutely, positively nothing to do with seizures whatsoever! Connor has needed this break!

Unknown said...

This is amazing, and goes to show you how natural and tpyical it is to "sign!" I am a Behavior therapist and have been teaching sign to some of my children I work with. I have recently been following your blog and am inspired by your posts!

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