Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Which Connor Is Doing Just Fine And We Have Cause To Celebrate

Today was a day for celebration!

It's officially been one month since Connor's had a seizure, which is the most time he's gone between seizures in a long, long while.  I think it's been about two years since he's had such a big break!  It's been so fantastic to not be on edge all the time, and to see Connor doing so well and actively engaging with his world.  He's become so much more social and willing to sign and interact with other people-- even strangers.  When we go shopping he now waves "hello" and "goodbye" to every person we pass on the way in and out of stores, he comments on the music we hear, he'll dance on command (he rocks from side to side on the beat-- it's adorable) and he's started making choices and asking to look at things on the shelves.  It's fantastic!

So I thought we needed to go spend the day doing things we would both enjoy.  The little guy rejected most of my suggestions-- he wasn't interested in the zoo or the aquarium today-- but he lit up when I mentioned the bookstore.  He's a kid after my own heart for sure!

So we drove up to the big bookstore and he picked out a new book, Goldilocks And The Three Dinosaurs, by Mo Willems.  It had the advantage of appealing to all of us: to Connor because it had dinosaurs in it, me because it was well written and had excellent illustrations, and Jer because it models proper predator-prey relationships. 

Then it was off to the mall, where Connor got to ride the carousel a couple of times and I picked up some chocolate and fizzy bath bombs for my own personal celebration later that evening after Connor was in bed, which would involve a lounging in a giant bubble bath for long enough to get all wrinkly, while reading a favorite novel, drinking tea and eating truffles. 

Finally we stopped by the fabric store, and we walked at a fast clip up and down the tulle aisle about ten times.  Connor loves going to the fabric store because it means he gets to visit the tulle aisle.  All the bolts are arranged by color, and there are glittery and sequiny and iridescent fabrics to admire, and the tulle sticks out into the aisle so it brushes up against his wheelchair whenever we go through.  I knelt down to see it from his perspective, and it actually looks really neat; it's probably the closest he can get to running through a rainbow. 

So we visited the tulle aisle, and then we took a break to go finger the velvet and the suede, and to stroke all of the fake fur.  Then it was back to the tulle aisle for round two of sparkly glory.  Connor never fails to show me a new way to appreciate things.

That's my boy!



Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Yay for no seizures!

Running through the tulle aisle totally sounds like fun too.

J O'C said...

Oh, this is the book you called me about? We'll definitely have to get it. Sorry I missed you. I'm going to try to catch you with you today.

Hope Connor had a seizure-free day today. Do you think one of those cool-down bandanas would help?

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