Friday, September 14, 2012

In Which We Gear Up For Another Busy Week

Connor did well at school today, and it looks like he's fully recovered!  I'm excited that he shook this bug off so quickly and seems to be bouncing right back to his usual self.

We've got another busy week coming up, though a lot of it is actually appointments for me; I'm headed to the dentist and the eye doctor.  Since I spend a lot of time acting as a caregiver for somebody else, it's easy to forget to make sure I'm taking care of myself too!  I've scheduled these appointments a couple of times in the past only to cancel them when something Connor had going on took priority, and now I'm way, way overdue for both.  I'm down to my last pair of contacts, and I don't even want to think about the current state of my teeth.  So I'll be getting those taken care of next week while Connor's in school.  If I don't take care of myself it will be really hard to do a good job taking care of somebody else.

We'll be spending most of the weekend trying to catch up on things around here; the house is a shambles and I have crafting supplies scattered everywhere.  It's time for some major cleaning and to think about getting the house ready for winter, which is fast approaching.  The cats seem to sense the coming weather change and are busy shedding copious amounts of fur on every available surface. 

The gerbils seem largely unaffected, though they have slowed down quite a bit.  This is probably less because of the rapid approach of cooler weather and more because they are little geriatric rodents now.  Gerbils typically only live two to four years, and our little guys are over two and a half now.  They've been fantastic pets (other than that whole cannibalism thing that got us off to a rough start) and Connor seems to really enjoy them.  We'll probably get a new pair once these little guys have moved on; I think it's nice to have something in Connor's room that he can interact with, and they're certainly easy to take care of. 

Hopefully they'll stick around a while longer!


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