Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Which Connor Gets A Workout And I Call The Roll

Connor saw his physical therapist at school for the first time today; he's been out for the last three Thursdays due to various doctors' appointments so he kept missing her.  So now he has a stander that's adjusted at school and he can do some of his standing time there, which will be really nice.  Trying to cram two hours of standing in before bedtime has been a bit rough on the little guy, so he'll probably appreciate it being spread out a bit more.

He's started wearing his knee extension braces for a couple of hours before bedtime per his outside physical therapist, who he also sees on Thursdays.  Thursdays are probably going to be Early Bedtime Day for Connor; he crashed at 6:15 this evening.  I guess he's getting a workout!

I spent a good portion of today on the phone, talking with various people at Ellen's future school, doctor's office, etc. to try and get as much done in the way of enrollment as we can before she gets home and to give them a heads up that we're getting closer to her getting here.  Ellen will probably be starting up school right after Christmas break, so I talked with a counselor at the junior high she should attend about what that process should entail.  We're going to try and get her school records while we're in Thailand to help with the transfer, but there's no guarantee we'll be able to make that happen. 

We won't know for sure yet exactly what grade she'll be placed in, but we're guessing it will probably be 8th grade based on her age and where she is in school now.  The junior high schools here are 7th-9th grade, so this will give her the chance to be with the same kids for a year before she starts high school; something we think will be pretty beneficial. 

I was talking to Jer and called Ellen "Connor" for the first time today.  She's not even home yet and I'm already mixing up my kid's names.  I'm pretty sure this is a rite of passage for any kid with siblings-- I even got the cat's name every once in a while.  I haven't called Connor "Ellen" (or her actual name) yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time!



Julia said...

I constantly get Ben and Neil (my husband) mixed up -- well, not really, just their names. In general it's pretty easy to tell them apart. My father is one of four kids, and apparently my grandmother would usually have to run through the entire list before getting to the right name. I don't take cream in my tea or coffee, but the coconut milk idea is intriguing -- maybe add it to tomato soup? The possibilities.

Kathryn said...

did you change the header?

Jess said...

No. . . does it look different?

Mary said...

Looks the same from where I'm sitting!

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