Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Which I Am Forced To Cook Delicious Things

I spent a good portion of today making a whole mess of chocolate truffles for my sister's wedding favors. This was an onerous process, as I was forced to conduct multiple taste tests to make sure that the chocolate was still appropriately chocolately at each stage of the game. I managed to suffer through somehow, and there are now a hundred or so truffles that survived my rigorous selection process (all deformed or broken ones I was forced to eat) awaiting final packaging before Saturday.

The things we do for family.

Well, other than the massive sugar high I was on most of today, things were very nice. Family has started to arrive, we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, and Connor behaved himself admirably, other than the fact that the kid is on a whole new host of drugs and still seems to be breaking out in a case of hives. No doubt this is due to the fact that picture taking will occur this weekend. We will be seating him and my mother-in-law as far away from the aisle as possible during the wedding, as she is also allergic to lavender (though not as severely as Connor) and we don't really need her having an asthma attack while Connor balloons up as the bride and groom leave and are showered with the lethal stuff.

I'm already starting to get sentimental and I wish Jer was here-- going to weddings always reminds me of my own, and it's hard not to be a little sad that I'm not reliving that special moment with him by my side. Plus this is my little sister getting married, and as a result I am forced to concede she is not that little any more and hasn't been for some time. She's marrying a great guy, though so that's a plus. Also I can still take comfort in the fact that while she isn't little any more, she is still shorter than me and as she is done growing will always remain (rightfully) so. Guess all those years of tying bricks to her head paid off.

I win, Mary. I win.

Um, anyway, I still have to write my speech for the wedding reception, go shopping for last minute items I need, help with bouquet-making and various sundry other wedding planning details, and work out some logistical details, but there should still be enough time to catch up with some friends and family members I haven't seen in ages. Some have never even met Connor! Crazy.

I'm off to bed now; there's a lot to do tomorrow!



Sweet Lorraine said...

Whatever. I'll just go throw on some "heel-highs". Problem solved.

Julia said...

(a) The next time you are faced with such an onerous cooking chore, please don't hesitate to call on me for assistance. I'm there for you, Jess.

(b) As a younger sister, I agree with your paradigm. I feel nervous whenever it becomes apparent that there's something I do as well as or perhaps better than my sister. The older sister is *supposed* to win. This law of nature was instilled into me (repeatedly) during my formative years.

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