Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Which I Am Very Tired

Forgive me if this is a short post. It has been an extremely long day, it's pretty late, and I'm very tired.

Nothing untoward happened today; it was actually a pretty great day, just very busy. I spent about four hours at the house weeding, and I have now unburied the landscaping around the lawn in the front yard. The lawn is enclosed on all four sides by beds containing a variety of low-growing evergreen shrubs, and both the lawn and the beds were pretty choked with weeds. Tomorrow I get to tackle the outside of the beds, I'll mow the front lawn, and if I have time I'll start on the backyard. Once I get that weeded it'll be time to tackle the Ivy Wall O'Doom that runs along the side of the house. That's going to take me a while.

Demolition on the inside of the house started this morning-- a great father-and-sons trio spent eight hours there today, and they completed an amazing amount of work! The kitchen is now entirely stripped, the old pantry and closets have been taken down to the framing, the carpet and baseboards are gone in the living room, and the drywall has been taken off the two smaller bedroom doors and the linen closet. I'm amazed by how clean it is in the house-- everything has either been carried out to the garage or neatly piled for discarding later. In fact, I believe they left it cleaner than the previous owners. How's that for awesome?
I'm happy to say that the old cabinets and the doors in the house are all going to be donated (I think they're headed to Habitat for Humanity). I think it's wonderful that someone else will be able to benefit from the work that's being done on our home-- kind of a ripple effect!

I'm afraid I've worn myself out and it's time for bed now. Sorry about the short post; I'll make it up to you all tomorrow, I promise!



Rachel said...

Wow - clean and tidy builders!! Will they travel as far as the UK for work as that is unheard of over here!

House is looking better already and I am very impressed that you are already tackling the garden. Make sure you don't overdo it!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry ~ even a short post from you is a wealth of enjoyment.

Loved the photo of Connor and Jer!


leah said...

WOW! Talk about a full day of work! It wore me out just reading about it- the progress looks GREAT!

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