Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Which We Will Be Picking Up Keys!

Tomorrow we get the keys to the house!

I'll be taking cleaning supplies and gardening tools over in the morning. The landscaping is rather overgrown and I'll have a limited amount of time to get it under control before the rains start, so I want to get on the ball! I can't wait to get into the house and get started preparing it for our move-in-- I'll want to scrub it from top to bottom before the remodelers get in and cover everything in a two-inch layer of dust.

Since we actually own it now, I feel like I can post pictures of it! I'll be taking some more tomorrow, but here's the living room. We haven't decided yet if we're going to put a ramp down into the (sunken) living room or if we'll build it up, but picture it with wood floors, newly painted walls (sans stenciled border), different furniture, and updated window treatments.

I still can't believe just how quickly this all happened; our offer was accepted on September 28th, so the whole process took a little under a month! We'll be trying to do the floors and the ramp before we move in, though it may be a tall order since we have to get a building permit and Puyallup is notoriously slow about such things. We could always rig up something temporary in the meantime if need be.

We're going to have to buy a lot more furniture, which means I'll have to go thrift store shopping. Horrors.

One thing we will not be thrift store shopping for is a new bed for Connor. The little guy is slowly but surely outgrowing his current crib and is going to need to move up to a twin size bed more appropriate for his age. I've been surfing the net looking at the options out there in regards to beds for children with special needs, and with a few exceptions for the most part they are sort of appalling. Think "big wooden cage" and you'll have a pretty good idea of what the majority of them seem to look like.

So we'll take a look at the couple of companies that have ready-made decent looking beds for children with special needs, and then we'll also look at the possibility of getting something custom made. We'll be looking for something that Connor can use not just as a kid but, God willing, into his teenage years and beyond, so we want something that is classy and low-key. It all ties back into that "not wanting to live in a hospital" thing I talk about all the time. It's not that I'm ashamed of Connor or want to hide or disguise the fact that he has special needs; it's that I don't think having special needs should mean you have to live with an ugly, cage-like bed. Maybe I'm silly-- Connor probably could care less. He is is father's son, after all, and Jer has slept on or in things much more dreary than a big wooden cage with no difficulty. But I care about it, so we'll find or build something good looking.

I'll worry about it later. New house, here we come!



Niksmom said...

Congratulations on yout house! That's exciting. I hope you enjoy all the gardening and the remodeling.

leah said...

Congratulations on the house! I agree about adaptive equipment, especially equipment for kids. Why couldn't they make a bed that looked like a fire truck, where the ladder functioned as a rail? I know that wouldn't last into the teen years, but for goodness' sake- no bed should look like a giant cage.

I love all the windows in the house, btw. Lots of light is a wonderful thing!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I am so excited that things have moved along so quickly. I have loved reading your decorating/designing ideas. I am VERY challenged in this area - downright clueless in fact! Reading your ideas make me want to think that I could be creative too, but I know better. : )

Anonymous said...

New to you house, with windows and a fire place. How fun to have so many ideas. Your dreams will come true, slowly one at a time. Thanks for sharing. s

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