Sunday, October 4, 2009

In Which We Get Ready To Go

This morning Connor and I ran errands to get the last things we needed before leaving for my sister's wedding. First it was off to the mall, where I picked up an adorable pair of brown loafers for Connor to match his wedding outfit. The kid is in a size seven in shoes now; can you believe it? No more shopping in the baby section for us!

Since Connor's stomach is still rather uneasy, I'm strongly considering picking up a second backup wedding outfit for him as well when we get to Dallas. My child would be the one with formula all down his front in the wedding pictures. I figure if I buy the extra outfit nothing will probably happen, but if I don't it's sort of a given that disaster will occur.

I'm the most optimistic person ever, huh?

Anyway, then it was off to get haircuts. Connor just got a trim-- a slightly uneven but remarkably good one considering how wiggly he was. It's looking like the days of blissful, easy haircuts for him are over, as the ABC song no longer holds his attention nearly as long. He's too busy alternating between burying his face in my shirt and being shy, asking who everyone is, and requesting toys (Ball! Ball! Ball!) to hold still and concentrate on me singing. Oh well-- the slightly ragged look is still cute. For that matter, I'm pretty sure you could shave the kid totally bald and he'd still be cute.

I also got my hair cut and dyed, because an inch of ash-blond roots, while probably matching my formula-stained child well, would not otherwise enhance my sister's wedding photos. When the hairdresser found out I was going to a wedding she got all excited and decided she'd style my hair too to show me what I could do for the big day. So here's my lousy myspace-style picture of the hairdo that I took in the bedroom for my sister's benefit (what do you think, Mary?) while trying on my maid of honor dress to make sure it still fits despite all of the comfort food I've been eating. The wonderful wives in Jeremy's army squadron have been bringing us meals for the last month, and all of them have been delicious, with the result that the five pounds I lost during the first few weeks after Jer's accident has returned home and brought a few friends with it. Luckily the dress still fits, though it's a good thing the wedding is so soon because another two or three weeks of homemade cookies and I'm not so sure that'd be the case.

Jer's father arrived today, so Jer's good to go while we are gone. He and I took a trip to a sports store today and bought some resistance bands so he can work on his upper body strength. He's also got some weightlifting gloves now, which is good as his hands are getting pretty torn up from wheeling around all day. I wish he could come to the wedding too, but that's not really very feasible right now. We wouldn't have a vehicle he could ride in, for one thing. Also no toilet he could use. Toilets are sort of important. It kind of gives us a preview of how much more difficult it's going to be to travel with Connor as he gets older and heavier.

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, I suppose.



milesmom said...

Jess, Your hair looks amazing! Have fun at the wedding and make sure to post photos of your boy. He'll be adorable in the new outfit.

Sweet Lorraine said...

I love it! It's reeeally cute. :]

Lin said...

LOVE the hair--you look fabulous! :)

Becca said...

Wow, like the hair!

Jer will find that a pee bottle is his best friend. Yeah, gross, I know. S'true though. Seriously! They come in a ludicrous range of varieties, including one with kitty-litter type crystals that turn into gel when peed on so that there's no fluid (or smell!) left after.

Also handy for general in-bed-and-need-a-pee-really-bad type situations.

Other option is a Texas catheter - it's essentially a condom connected to a drainage bag (it doesn't go in any holes or anything like other catheters, it's worn just like an ordinary condom) - that way Jer can take a pee right in front of his mother-in-law and she'd be none the wiser!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Hope you both have a great time at the wedding. Please take pictures of your wee man in his adorable outfit.
Don't think Jer is ready to get his dancing shoes on yet.
Have fun and be safe.
Ger and the Cats in the Bronx

Catherine said...

OK you need to crop that photo down so the camera is out of view, give it a fine grain as it were a painting, and bingo! you'll look even more like a pre-Raphaelite painting. I did a second take when I saw it because I thought it was a painting. Beautiful photo.. hope you see the magic in it too. Catherine (mum to Reuben 29m CHARGE and Callum 10m).

Anonymous said...

Love the hair! You look so great!


psychologizer said...

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexy hair! You can definitely continue to be my girlfriend!

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