Friday, October 23, 2009

In Which We Make Halloween Plans

Connor was feeling under the weather this morning-- he threw up a bunch last night and was really tired and groggy this morning, so we kept him home from school. He perked up later in the afternoon, and by this evening he seemed to be feeling pretty good, so hopefully he's not actually sick. We'll see how he does tomorrow.

He also broke out in hives this morning after I used unscented Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash on him during his bath. I'm not sure if he broke out in hives because of the wash or because of all the throwing up he was doing (stress makes him break out too). I'm hoping it was the stress.

Until we go to the allergist, though, I guess I'll add it to the list of things that Connor should stay away from.

In other news, Jer and I had a conversation about Halloween today.

We're of two minds on the whole trick-or-treating thing where Connor is involved. Connor hasn't been trick-or-treating yet; we always stay home and pass out candy. And we're sort of leaning towards that idea again this year.

For one thing, we don't know anyone at all in the new neighborhood, and trick-or-treating is one of those things that it's most fun to do with groups of friends. Then there's the fact that Connor can't actually eat any of the candy. You can look at this as a negative thing (Jer and I would have to eat all of his candy) or a positive thing (Jer and I would get to eat all of his candy).

And we have absolutely no doubt that if we took the kid trick-or-treating there would be massive amounts of candy involved. The kid is adorable, in a wheelchair, and would be accompanied by a father also in a wheelchair, and half the time we wouldn't be able to get up the steps so we'd have to linger at the back looking especially pathetic. He's the kind of kid every child wants to have trick-or-treating along with them-- I know I would have. Of course, my brother and I had our own strategies at the time for getting massive amounts of candy, once we were old enough to go trick-or-treating in groups of kids without parents along. I seem to recall us marking the houses that were especially good, changing our costumes around, and then hitting them a second time for another round. Yes. We were those kids.

However, we really don't think that trick-or-treating would be a whole lot of fun for Connor right now; he's stranger-shy and probably wouldn't know what to make of all of the kids in costume. It would feel too much like Jer and I dragging him along so that we could get a bunch of candy. He'll probably be much happier dressing up and then staying at home to pass sweets out to the other neighborhood kids, so that's what we'll do. Maybe next year he'll be old enough to want to go.

Besides, they'll always be candy left over in the basket. This year I hope they leave some Twix bars for me!



Anonymous said...

Dan and I are thinking along the same lines with Mabry. We took her last year in Steilacoom and she didn't do too bad. This year though anytime she even sees a Halloween decoration she starts to shake and cry. Poor kid has been terrorized for the last month. So we are thinking the safest bet is to just dress her up and hang out on the porch passing out candy. If she gets upset by that then we can take her inside to watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Anonymous said...

Ah, there's a blast from my past - Steilacoom. We lived just blocks from there when ours were young. Enough about me.

Thoughtful parenting. You are good, Jess. (Well both of you Jesses.) *crinkled brow*

Just dressing-up or costuming is enough, isn't it/ Very nice child development and enjoyment from that.


Julia said...

Oh, what're you going to dress Connor up as?!? We'll be expecting pictures, of course. Ben's pumpkin costume from last year still fits, and it has now been verified that his favorite color is indeed orange, so I'm kind've pushing in that direction. But I suppose I should ask his opinion on it.

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