Sunday, October 25, 2009

In Which We Have A House!

We got our key this morning, and now the fun begins! Here's Connor and Jer in our potential library alcove or dining room: whichever works better. Connor likes the light in here, though I'm not overly fond of it. That's the railing for the sunken living room in the foreground.

We've got a lot of work to do. And when I say a lot of work, I'm not talking about painting or remodeling or ramp building or any of that. I'm talking about cleaning.

The place needs a lot of cleaning.

The bathrooms are, to put it mildly, disgusting, and the laundry room (pictured here) is not much better. I firmly believe that when you move out of a house you should take things like your hair with you, but these people were not of the same mindset and left it all in the drains for me. Whoo hoo. There are trash bags full of garbage scattered in the middle of rooms around the house like little presents for us to find. Old earring backs, washrags, candles, hair ties, and other treasures sit on the window sills. Little bits of foam and paper litter the carpet. The walls are splattered with various unidentified substances and there are cobwebs thick in the corners of the rooms.

So I'll be hauling cleaning supplies over once Connor wakes up from his nap (after a stop at the drug store for some disposable gloves), and I'll get started on slowly getting things picked up. The sooner I get things ready for our move, the sooner I can get to the project I really want to tackle: what I have dubbed the Great Wall O'Ivy.

This wall has got to be at least 40 feet long. It runs the entire length of the property on one side and has been entirely buried by English ivy and my personal favorite, blackberries. This is where I'm going to be putting in my edible landscaping (yes, in the front yard) and herb garden. I won't pull all the ivy out this winter because I don't want to lose all my soil down the hill, but I'm at least going to get it trimmed down to where I can see what I'm working with. There's a wall of stone boulders under there that should look really cool once you can see it again.

The rest of the yard isn't in too bad a shape, though the fence is falling down. It's a little overgrown, but I should be able to put it right without too much work, and there are already some beautiful established plantings back there. I can't wait to get started!

I did take some measurements today, and there shouldn't be any problem at all putting a ramp in-- the flower bed is almost twice as long as it needs to be to get the proper slope, and the porch is more than wide enough. So now we've got to get our permit and get crackin'!


P.S.: Sorry about the weird formatting. Blogspot currently hates me, and I don't have the energy to go fix the HTML because I am lazy. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new house! I was thinking about the ramp issue and wondered if you had considered going just 7-8 feet with a landing and then the other 7-8 feet so that it's not such a long shot up to the door, or if you even went 10 ft/landing/10 ft then the angle would be less steep. Maybe not a big deal to Jer, but could be a consideration for Conner?
Anyway...congrats!! I know how exciting it can be to get that house and start making it a home!

Renate said...

It seems unbelievable to me that people leave their homes in such a mess. When we sold our last house, I had a hysterectomy four weeks before we moved, but I still left the house spotless. Shame on them; even more so if they were aware of our situation. And good luck on removing the ivy and blackberries! I don't envy you that job.

Renate said...

"even more so if they were aware of your situation" of course.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost willing to bet the cleaning makes you wish for base houding again. Although if your base housing is anything like mine simple things like putting a fencr up can take ages, read months.

psychologizer said...

Let me know if you need any help. I can be available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or the weekend. I'm not afraid of cleaning!

terena said...

congratulations!!!!!!! that's a lovely shot of Jer and Connor in the library (I vote for library).

Elizabeth said...

I wish that I could organize an army of worker ants to come in and clean the house for you. How awful that the former inhabitants left it in such shape. I'm sure, though, that before you know it,it will be a happy, beautiful home for the three of you!

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