Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Which We Have Returned To Washington

We're back!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I think that everyone had a fantastic time! The newlyweds were absolutely glowing with happiness and my sister looked gorgeous. Connor hung out with my mother-in-law, who was nice enough to pull babysitting duties yet again even after spending so much time helping us out up in Washington. What a sweetie! I lucked out on the in-laws, huh?

And yes, as predicted Connor was ridiculously adorable in his wedding suit and hat. I can't wait to see pictures!

We were only gone for six days, and I'm amazed to see how much progress Jer has made just in the last week-- he's moving around better and has a lot more energy. It's nice to see the improvement; it's harder to see when I'm there every day, so it gives me some perspective. I can't wait to see what he's doing in another month!

Anyway the plane flight went well today, and we're now back up in Puyallup, where I am surprised to say it is still sunny and nice outside. I'm really hoping that it stays that way long enough for us to get the roof cleaned on the new house before the rain sets in! We'll just have to see how it goes.

The inspection and appraisal are both in, our underwriting approval is finished, and it looks like our closing date will be bumped up to some time between the 22nd and the 25th! That means we potentially only have eleven days before we own a house! I will now be catapulted into frantic planning mode-- we'll need a permit to put a ramp on the house, which we can't apply for until we actually own the house. This means we have to find a contractor ASAP so that we can start work pretty quickly. We plan to do the same thing we did with the last house and take 30 days to move in, so it's not like we'll be out on our ears or anything if we don't get the permit taken care of immediately after we buy the house or something, but it would probably be a good idea to already have someone lined up. And since you have to pay a fee for each building permit, it might be a good idea to write the permit for everything we intend to do to the house so we're only paying one fee. I'll add it to the list of things to do.

You know what I'm looking forward to? Besides not sleeping on the floor and having half my furniture in a storage unit, I mean. I'm looking forward to being able to sing my bawdy Irish drinking songs at the top of my lungs while I'm cleaning the house and not worrying about disturbing the upstairs neighbors. I'm not worried about any of them seeing me through the windows, as they probably already think I'm crazy, but they work the night shift and so they're trying to sleep during the day and the walls are pretty paper-thin. Hearing me belting out an off-key rendition of "Rattlin', Roarin' Willie" is not likely to help them get some shuteye. While this has been a great apartment complex and we haven't been here very long, it's hard to feel totally comfortable in a space that's not entirely your own. So it'll be nice to have a big space to dance around and be silly in without worrying about disturbing anyone.

I believe Jer is still mostly looking forward to that wood stove. We'd better get that thing cleaned quickly so he can cozy up to the fire. He's looking forward to that kitchen too-- there's a pull-out cutting board that might be just about his height, so he may be able to do some cooking right away!

But we only have eleven days! Guess I'd better get packing.



Anonymous said...

As to the building permit, if you have to go through King County, better be prepared for a looong wait. Hopefully, you will be able to go through the city, as this is usually a faster way of doing things.

psychologizer said...

Hmm, my dad used to get building permits as part of his job. That was in Oregon but if you have any questions let me know and I can always ask. If you ask for help moving on a Friday or Saturday you have both me and my gentleman at your disposal. Fridays would work better but we could swing either.

JJ said...

Congrats on the house! You must be so excited! I'm so glad things are starting to look up for you guys, you have some amazing strength girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy to read about Jer's improvement! Ortho injuries do heal. Just take time. Barbara

Laura said...

Jessica Lee, you need to be honest in your blogs, and as I happen to know, you are *not capable* of singing off key. Let's be clear about that, honey; I say this for your own good. Aunt Laura
PS I am so happy you were able to attend Mary's wedding. Mama told me it was just lovely and that the weather cooperated. It was a great lift to her spirits, too: the first non-hospital thing she has done since Daddy's stroke. So joy was spread quite a ways around. LR

Colleen said...

Connor must've been so handsome at the wedding. Posting photos? It will be nice to not have to live next to someone elses walls. Then you can belt out songs as loud as you want. LOL.

J. said...

yipee on the house, hopefully you can get a ramp ASAP - I gave you an award, head over to my block to get it. ( my newer blog that is)

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