Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Which Jer And I Do Not Have One Of Our Best Parenting Moments

Yes, I have just posted a picture on the Internet of my child sitting on the toilet. I have sunk to a new low and ensured that my child will never ever forgive me once he's a teenager. I can think of no excuse other than the fact that I couldn't resist; he's even cute while sitting on the toilet, which is more than I can say!

Also apparently toilet time is extremely serious business.

Um, anyway, we're trying to ease Connor back into toilet training; at one point he was nearly there but he regressed after we moved, and again after Jer deployed, and since Jer's come home I hate to say it but I've totally dropped the ball. So now that things have slowed down a bit (ha ha) we're taking it up again.

Tonight before bed we sat Connor down on his modified toilet seat and waited for the action. Connor, unfortunately, had gone in the diaper about thirty seconds before I put him on the toilet, and so he was in no hurry. Jer wheeled into the bathroom too and the three of us hung out in there for about twenty minutes before Jer and I heard the noise of what we thought was Connor using the potty.

"Good boy!" we both cooed with huge grins on our faces. "Connor used the potty! Yay!" Then we sang a little nonsense song about what a big boy he was for going pee pee on the potty. It was when we stopped singing and still heard the splashing sound that we realized Connor had not, in fact, gone "pee pee," but that our upstairs neighbor was taking a shower. Whoops.

So Connor has now learned that if you sit on the potty and do absolutely nothing, your parents will at random moments go totally bonkers praising you. I'm sure we've helped remind him exactly what this whole toilet training thing is all about, huh?

Oh well.



Zanda said...

LOL! That is hilarious! the singing that is...

J. said...

that is very cute, we talk about bathroom parties around here, I guess you are having them too

JJ said...

ha ha ha - I got the funniest mental picture of you dancing around a bathroom singing a potty song. =)

Helene said...

Thanks for that post :-) As a grandparent with custody trying to train a special needs 4 year old I am glad to see others. I always get the "He's 4 and still in diapers?!?" comment.

Anonymous said...

Did he sign "when are YOU having your hearing checked?"

No matter his age, most parents have a similar story. You can be proud of being like a lot of other parents, and willing to admit it.

The photo, well, teens can be very cranky over the least little things. You have been warned.

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