Monday, October 5, 2009

In Which I Do Entirely Too Little

Today was a day in which I was supposed to get a whole lot of things taken care of, but instead I mostly lazed about and spent quality time with Jer and Connor, totally devoid of any desire to do anything productive. I'll have to get up pretty early tomorrow morning to get everything finished before it's time to leave for the airport, but it was worth it to have a lazy day with the guys. I don't have nearly enough of those.

I did get a few things done; I dropped off yet more paperwork needed to buy the new house and set up the plumber to get the bad leak outside fixed before the appraiser turns the water on. I also stopped by the bookstore to get a couple books for the airplane. That was pretty important. Now I just have to get a couple of nit picky details taken care of. Like packing. Packing would probably be a good idea.

Connor's face is almost totally back to normal-- you can barely see a pink outline of where the worst spots were. Hopefully in a few days they'll have totally disappeared. He seems to be much more comfortable and happy, which is nice. It was hard to see him itchy and miserable for so long. I'm still a little mystified as to the cause of the breakout in the first place, but I think we're going to stick with the eczema explanation for the lack of a better one.

Oh-- I just heard Jer's alarm go off. We set ourselves a bedtime for tonight because we've been staying up too late recently. I'd better go; I'll post tomorrow from Texas!



Julia said...

Sounds like an excellent day. I'm glad you had a chance to take it easy. Good luck with travel, and best wishes to your sister and her husband-to-be. (BTW, the hairdo and dress look awesome.)

leah said...

Doing too little is an excellent idea. Have an amazing trip! Also, you have to post pictures of Connor in his little suit- I love "little man" suits!

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