Sunday, October 25, 2009

In Which I Don't Have To Clean The House Any More, And I Am Very Happy

Mom and Dad to the rescue!

My parents, as a belated birthday/housewarming present, are hiring a maid to come and clean up the house! This takes a huge load off of our shoulders as now all we have to worry about is hauling away all of the garbage, fixing up the landscaping, and the actual move itself. I am ridiculously happy about this.

Here is the garage for your viewing pleasure.

I did take about three hours today to clean up the bathrooms. I can wait for the maid to do the rest of the house, but I'd like the bathrooms clean now. You know how it is. I feel much better now that they're scrubbed from top to bottom.

We have quite the to-do list for tomorrow: talking to our apartment complex (wish us luck), switching over utilities, calling the plumber, roofer, chimney sweep, furnace inspector, and exterminator, picking up supplies to start on the yard, (it doesn't sound like the biggest priority, I know, but with the rainy season coming on fast getting out there before it's a constant drizzling 40-degree mess will be a really good thing), and finding a maid. In the afternoon, we'll be heading over to see what kind of recommendations the wonderful company that's doing our remodeling has put together-- more on that later.

Speaking of the remodeling: I met one of the owners of the company at the house tonight so he could get a few more measurements, and we got to talking about the ramp. He told me that instead of doing a separate ramp, we could just add cement to the walkway and grade it up to a level entry. Simple and perfect! I got home and told Jeremy about it, and he pointed out that he'd said that in the beginning and I just hadn't listened to him. So I'm giving credit where credit is due. There you go, honey.

One of these days I'm going to get Jeremy to post an entry on the blog so he can give you his perspective on this whole thing. I'm sure he'd tell a whole different story than the one you get from me! If you all bug him about it enough maybe he'll do it once a month or something. What do you think?



leah said...

That is the best. gift. ever. Moving into a clean house- what a great gift!

I think your dear husband should do occasional updates. Perhaps a "Manly Monday" update, lol!

The sloping sidewalk idea is great. I've been scouting out our area to see if there are any attractive or innovative wheelchair ramps, and there are NONE. They're all the standard 2x4 wood construction with no architectural beauty. Grading the sidewalk up to the front door sounds like a perfect idea!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

A maid is about the best gift you could ever receive! That is so great!

I would love to hear (read) Jeremy's take on things. That would be so cool!

Sounds like everything is moving along nicely (no pun intended). Hope all goes well with your apartment complex.

terena said...

you obviously have the best parents ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy said...

I have the truck. Emily & I would be happy to head on over on a Friday (No pre-school on Fridays!) and help you run a load of garbage to the dump. I can't say that the 3 year-old is much good at cleaning, but we could help if needed. I would bring over the tractor to take care of the Ivy, but we don't have a trailer for it, and the goats can't eat that much of it without getting sick. Sorry!
Drop me an e-mail or give me a call and let me know.

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