Friday, March 11, 2011

In Which Connor Acts Up Again And We Send Off A Package

Connor had another small apneic seizure today.  So much for the "one-a-week" thing.  I really wish he'd cut it out.

We dropped off our donations for Ellen's orphanage today at the adoption agency along with her care package.  Most of the things we picked out are for older children, since the babies tend to get a whole lot of donations and few people focus on the older kids. 

While I was there I had a nice chat with our adoption liaison about the upcoming trip, and Connor joined in by naming everyone in the family for her-- including the cats.  I was really excited to see him participating, because he doesn't often chime in to talk with people he doesn't know well. 

We're still coming up with a sign for Ellen, but we've gently begun preparing the little guy again for the idea that he'll have a big sister.  He honestly seems thrilled with the prospect-- his face lights up whenever we start talking about her.  It's really sweet.

Hopefully he still feels that way once we get her home!


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