Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Which Connor Rides A Zebra And I Try Not To Go Nuts

As a part of my Get Out Of The House So I Don't Go Crazy Waiting For Our Adoption Agency To Call campaign, I spent most of the day at the mall with Connor.  I know the mall doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun for a kid, but trust me when I say that Connor enjoys the mall a whole lot more than he'd enjoy any of our usual haunts right now.  The Children's Museum, Science Museum, zoo, etc are all great and wonderful, but not during Spring Break.  During Spring Break they are all extremely crowded and make Connor super overstimulated.  However, for some reason people don't think "Hey, it's Spring Break!  Let's go to the mall!" so things aren't nearly as crowded there.  This makes Connor pretty happy. 

Also our mall has a carousel.  This does not hurt.

So we spent the day out and about.  We rode the carousel four or five times-- Connor really liked the zebra-- and wandered in and out of the stores while I imagined coming to the same place with my teenage daughter.  I wondered which store would be her favorite and scouted out which stores I would absolutely not be buying her things in no matter what. 

I was waiting for a phone call from the nurse line about Connor's MRI and hearing test tomorrow, but by the time we got home early this evening I still hadn't heard anything.  So I called them up to see what was going on.  After being shuffled around to various phone lines (including a fax machine at one point, which meant I had to start over) I finally managed to locate an appointment desk that could find Connor on their records.  Apparently his MRI and ABR were moved to April 6th, and no one had gotten in touch with me about it.  This explains why I didn't get a phone call from the nurse line today. 

Good thing I called them; it would have been kind of awkward if I'd shown up there at seven in the morning tomorrow only to discover we didn't have an appointment.  Also Connor would have been ticked about the whole not-eating-anything-for-twelve-hours thing-- especially if he had to do it again a week later.

So we'll be figuring out something else to do tomorrow!



Julia O'C said...

I didn't realize how cool it is to have a child who is *able* to make oddly specific requests until I had a child who isn't. When V tells me that she really wants a "twisty plastic headband with rainbow glitter" or a "white stuffed owl with lovely golden eyes", I find it difficult not to try to find those things for her.

And you!! Here you are making Ellen awesome gifts,learning to speak/cook Thai,immersing yourself in Thai culture,watching Thai SOAP OPERAS and you're telling me that if that your daughter tells you she'd like a tee shirt or a pair of jeans from a certain store you're going to say no?

Hmmmm. :)

I hope you hear from the liaison today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My bet... Hot Topics is the answer to both questions.
*<| :o)

leah said...

Dennis and I decided we were officially old when we walked by the scantily clad statues outside of Abercrombie and Fitch - our first reaction was, "ohmygoodness that statue is almost NAKED!" I can't believe what these whippersnappers are into! See? Officially old.

Riding the carousel at the mall sounds like a good plan - maybe you can do it again tomorrow (hey, it's better than an MRI and ABR)!

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