Sunday, March 6, 2011

In Which Connor Is No Longer Diurnal

Connor stayed up until 4:30 in the morning last night.  It's official: my child is now nocturnal.

He had a seizure around 3:00am, thereby cementing further into place my complete inability to sleep when he's awake.  Since the little guy only has seizures when he's awake there's simply no way I can fall asleep while he's up.  I ended up taking the monitor out into the living room around midnight and watching English dubbed Lakorns until the kid finally decided to get some shuteye.

Lakorns are Thai soap operas, and you can find an astonishing number of them in their entirety on the Internet.  Our daughter-- like a whole lot of teenagers her age in Thailand-- loves the things.  She apparently has a particular fondness for the historical series, known as Lakorn Borans.  They're extremely tame by our standards; Thai television is much more heavily censored than American TV.  Nudity, sexual scenes and drug use aren't allowed to be shown on any of their channels, graphic violence is rarely seen, and if the characters are playing cards a message scrolling across the screen reminds people that gambling for money in Thailand is illegal.

American television may be a bit of a shock for Ellen as a result. 



Anonymous said...

Have you thought about sleeping pills?

Kristin said...

Has Connor's seizure diagnosis changed with the types of his seizures changing? Any plans to continue Medical Mondays? (Cause I know you're not busy enough :) )

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