Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Which My Kid Gets Sick Right Before His Birthday

Can you believe my little man will be five years old tomorrow?

I think he's decided to celebrate by being sick.  He had four seizures today, so I'm not sure the fun outing I'd planned for tomorrow (he believes birthday parties should be relegated to the sixth circle of hell so we won't be having one of those) may not end up happening.  If we need to stay home, open his presents and then spend the rest of the day watching his favorite musicals as a special birthday treat, then that's what we'll do.

Connor's big birthday present from us will be spread out over a number of weeks anyway.  We figure that since his health has improved in a major way (other than today, of course) and his balance is so much better, it's time to start revisiting a favorite activity: horseback riding!  So our present to him will be three months of once-a-week miniature horse riding sessions.  Part of our outing tomorrow was supposed to be a visit to fit him with a new helmet for riding, since he's outgrown his old one. 

Even if we postpone the riding for another day, though, I can't wait to see his face when we tell him he'll be riding again!



Kristin said...

wow!! Happy 5th Birthday, Connor!!!

btw, I usually get sick for my birthday too, and its no fun, Connor. Plan on skipping this step next year ;)

Julia O'C said...

Sorry your guy is sick! I hope he's feeling better today.

Pleasepleaseplease take a camera with you to Connor's lessons! Just the thought of Connor and a miniature horse's almost too much! I think I would die from the cute.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Eve, Connor! I simply can't believe that he's five already. I second the request for Connor+horse pictures. And if you could manage to get a helmet that looks like a ten-gallon hat, all the better. Or better still, he'd look adorable in some sort of central Asian riding tunic -- kind've a mini-Genghis Kahn with an incongruously sweet smile.

Ben got his (first ever, I'm glad to say) ear infection *on* his 3rd birthday.

leah said...

Five!! Happy Birthday to Connor. Five is a big year!

The horseback riding lessons sound great - definitely take pictures!

xraevision said...

Connor on a miniature horse will be so crushable - yes, photos please! I hope Connor feels better for his big birthday. Wow, he's FIVE!!! Happy birthday, Connor!

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