Thursday, March 10, 2011

In Which Connor Makes Me Crazy And More Adoption Stuff Happens

Last night Connor decided that one in the morning was the perfect time to get up.  Since I'd gone to bed about midnight after a late roller derby event, I was not particularly appreciative of this.  Despite my best efforts to get him back to sleep, he proceeded to happily yell and sing to himself for the next six hours until it was actually time to get up.  As a result this blog may be a little delirious sounding, because I'm not running on all cylinders. 

This has been evident for a good portion of today in which I bungled around doing errands and chores in what I thought was a competent manner, but was in fact completely insane.  Things like how I made myself some tea but accidentally left out the teabag and it wasn't until it was mostly gone that I realized I was drinking hot water with honey in it.  Also how I got all the way to derby practice tonight and was going up the steps when I realized that I'd left my skates in the entryway of my house.  Thank goodness I didn't try working with power tools or with anything involving fire today.  I probably would have killed myself.

Connor also unfortunately had his first seizure in several days-- a two minute long apneic seizure.  I was hoping he'd get a slightly longer break from the seizures, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that we're back to a "one-a-week" pattern and this was his one for the week. 

On a slightly more cheery front, I found out from our adoption agency that our dossier is back from Washington DC, where it had to go to get its final certification (this was after it had already been notarized by a local person and then certified by our state).  This means that they'll be hand carrying our dossier to Thailand when they go next week and placing it directly in the hands of the adoption authority there!  This is really exciting news because it means that the next step of the process to bring our daughter home will be starting.  All we have left to do is wait, and wait, and wait.  Really.  We're going to wait a long time.

But at least we'll have new pictures and video soon!  I sent off our ridiculously long list of questions for the orphanage to our adoption agency today, and they'll be taking it with them and asking as many as they can when they see Ellen.  We don't expect to get all of them answered by any stretch of the imagination-- there are thirty-two on there-- but we'll take whatever we can get! 

I added a few sparkly pencils, a couple of really cute animal-shaped erasers and a pencil sharpener shaped like a dog (you turn his tail to sharpen the pencil) to Ellen's care package, which I'll be dropping off to the agency tomorrow since I didn't have the chance to do it today.  The agency leaves next Saturday!  They'll be gone for about a week visiting orphanages around Thailand, including our daughter's current institution. 

The program director has told us she'll try to get video and pictures of our daughter receiving our package and opening it up, which is pretty exciting.  This may very well be the first personal gift Ellen has ever received.

I'll admit that I'm still feeling a little bit anxious about this trip.  Honestly I'm sort of terrified that they'll get over there and discover that Ellen has mysteriously disappeared, or moved to another orphanage, or someone adopted her, or a member of her biological family popped up out of nowhere, or that something bad has happened to her, or-- well, you get the idea.  Jer and I really, really want this adoption to work out, but it's hard not to think about what happened with Sylvie and not feel a little gun-shy.  While I'm not going to pester our liaison with phone calls because I know she won't keep us waiting for news any longer than she absolutely has to, goodness knows I'm going to be pouncing on the phone every time it rings once I know she's back.  So try not to take it personally if you call me during that time period and I sound a little disappointed when I pick up and discover it's not her, okay?  I might be a little nuts by that point.

Especially if I haven't gotten any sleep!


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