Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Which Connor Has A Pretty Great Day

It's only been three and a half days since we began dropping Connor's medication and we already think we're noticing a difference.

He doesn't seem as, um, twitchy, for one thing.  I'd say we're seeing him twitch about once every five minutes as opposed to once every three minutes.  Also his attention span seems to be quite a bit longer.  He was able to focus on one activity in occupational therapy today for dang near twenty minutes, which is pretty impressive for him.  They really noticed a difference in him at school today too-- apparently he had a fantastic day!  His teacher shot some hilarious video of him hamming it up in the classroom that was pretty adorable. 

Not that I have a biased opinion or anything, but you know.  Whatever.  He's pretty darn cute.

He did end up having three larger seizures today in the late afternoon and early evening-- thankfully the still breathing kind.  However his recovery from those seemed to be much faster than what we normally see; he didn't have to take a nap or anything afterwards and usually that kind of seizure activity would wipe him out completely.  So while I'm not happy that he's still having lots of big seizures, I'm encouraged that they might not have as large an effect on him as they do when he's already seizing all the time.

While it's possible that we could be indulging in some wishful thinking, Connor really did have a fantastic day despite the big seizures.  I'm hopeful that as we continue to move down on his Trileptal (we'll drop down the dosage again next Tuesday) the little seizures will taper off and then we'll get the chance to see what he can really do!



Mary said...

Oh, Jess. I'm glad to hear he seems to be doing better. I so hope the trend continues. Wugaboo.

Kristin said...

Yay for a great day!! I'm glad Connor was enjoying himself at school :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he seems to be feeling a little bit better!

...and I think indulging in some wishful thinking every once in a while is okay. :)

Julia O'C said...

This news* made me sooooo happy!! I hope that as time goes by, he just continues to feel better and better. Who knows what your little guy will be capable of once his medication is doing what it should?!

*Aside from the seizure part of it...obviously.

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