Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Which We're Still At The Hospital

Well, we're still here in hospital land. 

We were actually headed for discharge yesterday after the doctors substantially upped Connor's Lamictal, but then the little guy (who has an impeccable sense of dramatic timing) had a two second seizure right after the neurologist walked out of the room.  Jer and I were actually debating on whether or not it had been a seizure until we felt the kid's muscle tone and glanced at his pulse ox rates-- the kid was as limp as a soggy Cheerio and his sats were in the 70s.  And then a couple of hours later he had another, longer seizure just to seal the deal. 

So we're still here.

We're hoping to go home today; we'll talk with the doctors when they come by for rounds and see what they have to say about that happening.  With any luck (and baring any more drama on Connor's part) we'll be headed back to the house in early afternoon.  It'll take a couple of days for the higher Lamictal dose to really kick in, so just because we're seeing some little seizures now doesn't mean that the medication won't work.  While Jer and I are anxious to go home I'm not sure Connor feels the same way, though.  We let him watch all the TV he wants while he's in the hospital (a really special treat for a kid who lives in a house with no TV reception) as part of our strategy to make hospitals be Not Scary for as long as we possibly can.  He especially loves the Food Network (which is interesting given that the kid doesn't really eat) and the classic programming channel.  So I think he's enjoying himself when he's not snoozing like he's doing right now.

At least it's not those Barbie music videos.


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Laura aka Mama Ham said...

Hang in there girl, I'm praying for you all :)

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